Woman’s Hair Falls Out Due to Oakfield Property Management and Rogue Landlords Hanlon & Hanlon

On October 20, 2013 by admin

Photo-0050I am going to wash that man, or property manager right out of my hair. The only thing is, the hair is falling out of its own accord. After years of abuse and dangerous disrepair, harassment, distress and ill health Oakfield and Landlord’s Hanlon and Hanlon (Patrick and Daniel) can still get to me. The court case drags on, so do the inappropriate misdirections by the judges to continue giving the landlord rights, and to drag and prevaricate repair and judgement, deny and avoid the abuse allegations and despair me to incapacity and ill-health again.

I forgot, one thing my body does when under stress and that is make the hair fall out. I try and combat the evidence and clear skin bare scalp by colouring it and making it a bit more interesting, to take the attention off the alopecia and hair loss. It is still very upsetting.  But I am sure the Hanlons and Oakfield will use whatever distress and features of ill health to the max. This is stress alopecia. Here is a slideshow of my hair and scalp today.


I like to keep a positive attitude and” keep my hair on…” Unfortunately, it is falling on the floor of its own accord.  Do I GIVE IN? NO. The whole point is never to give into a bully or an abuser no matter what. There is no peace by doing so and my hair falls out even more and I get even more distress and hairloss and total body violent reaction  by keeping in the stress and subjugating my body and mind too it. Trying to pretend it is not there, or we are living in some non-existent positive fairy land just does the body and mind in even more. The lies and distress you are giving your body, trying to get it to live and believe in a lie , is more terrible to the body than living and facing up to the truth. That is why people who are in stress or pain try to keep it in, stay positive or divert end up eventually blowing it, and doing something terrible, or topping themselves or others. Best be honest and face your worse fears and be honest and name and face the adversity and threat in the face, and stop trying to tell yourself its not true.   There can be no pain or greater distress than to give in and live under a bully. That is not Life. I would rather lose all my hair than live under an abuser and be forced to keep quiet like I was made to do for last 6 years since 2007.  Shut Up and Be Damned. or Speak Out and Be  Damned. I chose to speak out.

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