“We Have Come to Arrest You.” I go into Meltdown and Go On the Run with Nothing

On October 6, 2017 by admin

The Law to Silence the Truth and Kill English Common Law

When the two policemen knocked on my door in the morning I was just about to help my ill neighbour with her dog. We are both ill and incapacitated with various reasons. But she had had a rough night, a rough few weeks and the dog was playing up.  I also have a mentally ill young man who I supported. Can be a pain like the younger generation can be. All video games, violent cult movies and series, no comprehension except how to defeat the next “Fairy Dragon” or listen to the next podcast on Game of Thrones. He can go into a paranoia and fantasy explanation of the world equal to any of his games.

I was expecting this visit and knock for over half a year. But this was not the right time. I went into meltdown and all the shock and trauma and abuse of the years came upon me. The police had full exhibition of a Class A, 100% Post Traumatic Stress meltdown flash back. They backed off, went away with  me shouting at them  “That I would make clear and write down for them Every Single Lawyer who said it was Ok for Neil Newstead to beat a policeman, and beat up ordinary working men and get away with it, but said I would be found GUILTY for writing about it, as the Truth upset him. This being the new misuse of the Protection from Harassment Act. Journalists and victims can be arrested and sued if the Truth upset their subject/ abuser.

So after a quick hug from my ill neighbour I collected a bag with laptop in and left. Literally with clothes on my back. I was not staying around for a second visit. And I left town. That was always the plan.

Not get caught, not get banged up and stopped from writing, not allow websites to have a gagging order and taken down. To sod off, let them try to catch and find me while vigorously writing and sharing blogs. And shoot off to Scotland where there is a different law and law system (better) and where English law and police will have to make a formal application for the recognition of my offence, in order to ask for me to be arrested in Scotland and be returned to England.

That is what I did and where I am and jolly nice people too. Nice weather at times. May be cold but warmer hearts and a people who still like ethics and value of integrity over profit and power.

Thank you Scotland. But I think anyone north or outside the M25 feels a foreigner in their own land. Where did our ethics and values go? Where is our Heart and Will?

Good Luck. Let’s keep going. Opening our hearts and minds and telling Them “WE WILL NOT BE RULED BY ROT”

Aunty Admin

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