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Well that is what the newspaper headline said. But it only meant I had been made to transfer the domain name oakfieldproperty,org.uk.  But can keep website and everything on it as true, not defamation and most information already in the public realm.  NOMINET said I had 10 days to appeal to High Court. I did, but then NOMINET said they expected the High Court to have answered within 10 days (unrealistic) so still transfered the domain name.

Well I lost the battle for the domain name and website at oakfieldproperty.org.uk.

Guilty as Charged for Telling the Truth.

Guilty as Charged for Telling the Truth.

NOMINET gave the decision on 4th December 2013, but gave me 10 days to either appeal to them, at a cost of £3000, or take appeal to High Court.  Which would be cheaper as I am exempt from court fees and need to argue and represent myself.

NOMINET know my disabilities and the time frame.  I had to get a Proof of Income from DWP, in Newcastle. They were very good and sent it immediately, but it was the Christmas period.  I then had to read and get my argument together, with cognitive impairment and flip off reading and writing skills.

But still did it.

I had to copy and send 3 copies or form, argument and proof. I did this.

Just to be told by NOMINET that it is not just a matter of appealling to court, but that the court should already have started the process. That is ridiculous within the time.

I fought for this all yesterday. Even before the deadline. To be told. No Way Hosea. NOMINET decision stays. So the 10 day appeal time was pointless and useless and they just got me running around and costing me a lot of time, effort and costs knowing they would not respect it at all.

Dear June,

I have spoken to the legal counsels here at Nominet, and it has been decided that we cannot extend the deadline to the appeal timescale, and do not have sufficient documentation to suspend the DRS case file.

Tim Nominet’s Dispute Resolution Service has a set of rules (called the Policy and Procedure), and we must abide by these rules.

Section 20 of the DRS Policy states:

“If legal proceedings relating to a domain name are issued in a court of competent jurisdiction….we will suspend proceedings (under the DRS).”

The key words here are whether the proceedings have been “issued”.  

Legal proceedings can only be considered to have been “issued” once the court has stamped them.

It is my understanding that at this time, your claim form has not been ‘stamped’, and so has not been issued.

As things stand, the previous DRS timescales apply.

Tim Dalby

It seems we are always in process and never out of it.

I phoned High Court clerk yesterday who told me, even in the best situations it would take a week before I would hear anything or confirmation the court has received my documents. Never mind be allocated to a process.

But here is the sister mirror site. I have made a clone. so the /wp has been taken off.

I will use this as a test and see if anyone can get in.

Hopefully, you can and can read this.

But I did get it into the local paper, a nice man came round to take my photo and the taking off me of the domain name did get a full half page.

The publicity and exposure was all I wanted to get Oakfield exposed and media and people to give attention.

Thank you Hastings Observer and The Strand newsagency of London.



And therefore We Continue.

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