STUPID BOYS! Grand Master Freemason Rogue Landlord Pays £100,000s to avoid small claim of £5,000 and beat mentally ill disabled tenant and expects freemasons to support and protect him every time.

On November 14, 2016 by admin

The true madness of it all is the cost. After all, this is about cost, avoiding costs, avoiding liability and further disintegration of landlord’s Daniel and Patrick Hanlon’s businesses, property portfolio and save costs and money.

It also cost in time, effort of council, housing officers, fire brigade,  court time and costs and paying out for expensive barristers and legal counsel by the landlord while I had none.

It cost me a lot, directions constantly asking me to pay hundreds and thousands over and over again out of my DLA. So I had to cancel my support worker and be left alone.

My orginal support worker was so concerned and worried as she knows what I am like and how incapacitated I am she insisted on working for me for free for some weeks until I said it could not go on, and she needed to leave and get paid.

Another support worker was found, but the whole time and use of her was to help and support me with the landlord.

I used her as a gobetween as I could not face landlord without breaking down. In the @eat cafe in Alexander Park I openly broke down over a telephone conversation with the landlord Daniel Hanlon while everyone looked on, I was visibly physically shaking. I told him and he still continued.

I eventually removed my new support worker as Danie Hanlon was also using and bullying her. She was there as my support worker and a go between. She was not there to be bullied and used on top. It was bad enough for me.

At a court hearing in summer 2013 when Daniel Hanlon refused to meet me outside, but instead snapped his fingers at my support worker like she was a dog, then jabbed his finger in her face and said like a dictator “YOU! (jab in face so support worker face snapped up in surprise) RING ME LATER!”  My support worker was being ordered about, snapped at and bullied as if she was his employee not mine and as if she was a dog.

She said she did not mind. It  was at that moment I had had enough and decided if he was going to snap and bully anyone there would only be one person, and that would be me.

I maybe disabled, severe mental impairment, PTSD and in distress whenever I have to deal with him. But no one else was going to be on the end of him, and I certainly am not paying someone to be bullied.

I told her and him that. Soon Mr Daniel Hanlon was begging for my support worker to come back. TOUGH! NO MORE! You deal with me Mr Big Brave Bully.



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