This is a site dedicated to exposing bad property management and abusive landlords and property agents.

This is part of my story:

2007 – Landlord Hanlon Bros took over. Flooding, Damage to hand, Abuse, Threat. Keep Quiet – or Evicted.  Too Ill
2008 – Full DLA awarded due to severe distress and disability. Paid for repair and decorating. Oakfield refuse remuneration under threat of eviction if pressed. Lived in fear, on top of severe PTSD and deteriorating health and unsafe flat No help. Landlords can do what they like due to failure of UK Law.

2007-2010 – Blurr of ill-health. Total incapacity due to worsening condition, stress and now strokes.

2010 Feb: Water flooding through ceiling, Ignored. Damage to kitchen, electrics, flat devastated. No repair or response. Property Manager Visited just threat. Called in council. Council opened and closed case several times as landlord kept saying he had done the repair. Council still chooses to work with rogue landlord against tenants.

2010- Oakfield told workmen I was a liar and to ignore me, and they could do or say to me anything. Garden damaged. plants damaged. Oakfield said they could do this. Stopped looking after garden. Gave up, Stopped going out. Became agoraphobic and sociophobic. Developed great fear of men and groups of men. Especially standing over me threatening.

2010 May – Feb 2011 Water coming through bow window. Ignored. Several water buckets, large coving fell down. Under threat. Asked landlrod to come in and see several times on stairs when he visited others. He refused.

2011- Very ill, living in one corner. Destroyed and devastated flat. Fear, distress, increasing ill health. Lost all abilities. Only response threat to evict me if I raised situation. I had to stay put and suffer.  Confirmed by all, I had no rights. Disabled and women and vulernable being made homeless all the time and suffering, abuse, rape, buring and death. I did not want to go there, So live in fear and distress under threat in very dangerous flat for years.

2012. January: Felt a bit better, Rang council, found case closed again, Due to landlord saying he had done the repair. They refused to reopen case. I had to go back to the beginning and open a new referral. Council and Landlord and Oakfield said they had no intention of repairing the water damage, the ceiling, addressing the dangerous electrics.  No thought or concern of how I had lived or how dangerous the flat, or rest of property or the threat and intimidation.

2012 – March: Knock on door. Opened to see Landlord D Hanlon and council officials there and 3 workmen demanding to come in. I am unwell, stroke victim, on my own, cognitively impaired, PTSD in company of men, and threatening men. and my bedclothes are in the wash and I have just washed myself from being covered in shit, after waking up having had a fit during sleep and covered in shit, and landlord and council insist on coming in. I say NO! as on my own and no representative, incapable and not dressed. I said as council and landlord had both failed me that I had to have someone else present. They refused, Became insistent and aggressive, i held my ground to not be seen on my own by a group of men when disabled, vulnerable, ill and lone female who is not aware she is half dressed, In fact, half naked from waist down.  No one said.

And from then. I have been fighting on………..

It is dedicated and focuses on my Landlord’s Patrick and Daniel Hanlon, who took over the property of multiple occupancy in July 2007 and have been running it neglectfully and abusively ever since. They have over 400 properties in the South East and further around the country. Their extensive property portfolio increases and extensive business interests. Yet none add up, many tenants suffer disrepair to point of living in unsafe and dangerous properties. It does not matter that these include families, children, elderly, young mums, single women, students or disabled. The Hanlons will endanger their lives and safety and practice intimidation and abuse if you raised the matter and try and bring justice.

Although one or two court cases have got through I believe Patrick and Daniel Hanlon are serial Rogue Landlords and need exposing and condemning. And someone in higher authority or media should pick this up and be able to take it forward much further and much better than lone, single tenants who are worn down with the effort, distress and abuse and have no support, as in England no one has protection from a rogue landlord, no matter what the offence or abuse or dangerous property. If any tenant has any problem, no matter how serious,  ify he/she raises this problem the landlord can evict them. No tenant in England has any protection against a rogue landlord, no matter how serious the offence.

I have also dedicated the site to Oakfield Properties of Hastings and the South East.   Here is their website http://www.oakfield-property.co.uk/ Again, they are known as serial abuser of tenants, denying tenant’s rights and safety, issuing threats and eviction and withholding deposits, doubly paid rent and any repair costs.  Their director Neil Newstead has been up for serious violent assault against a policeman, for which he got a suspended 9 month gaol sentence and community hours. And he is known also to have violently and vicious attacked a taxi driver in a pre-meditated attack. So vicious and pre-meditated, controlled and planned that it must be assumed and accepted that Neil Newstead is a serial violent offender and abuser and there are probably many more out there who know this and have suffered this.  I would like them to come forward and expose this man and maybe bring a collective case against him.


I also would like anyone else who has experienced bad property management and personal harassment and abuse as tenants of Oakfield Properties and Hanlon and Hanlon, or Roost to also come forward and share their experience.

Patrick Hanlon and Daniel Hanlon, also have many interests and many businessesn, but again they do not add-up.  I started only knowing  how they have abused and mismanaged me. However, on closer inspection and research into them it seems their crazy world does not add up even on line. Never mind in the cold hard world of fact and feet on the ground business and property reality. They do not add up and I feel people and businesses in the business world have probably also ended up worse off and negative experiences from dealing with the Hanlons.

This site is not only for my own exposure of Hanlon and Hanlon and Oakfield Properties, but is interested in anyone else who has suffered and would like to bring up rogue landlords and bad property management and the way the law, councils and much of the system does not support either tenant or landlord or any property owner from looking after their basic interests, rights and safety in law.

With the withdrawal of Legal Aid for landlord disrepair problems and for basic civil rights, it is even more important now that some way of mediation between good landlords and good tenants can be set up and created. We cannot go forward and secure people’s rights and safety to live in a safe home and free from harassment and abuse, and for landlords to be safe and have the property and income secure if there is no law and no access to law.


It has been a terrible time for me, and I am much distressed and it has caused much harm. Yet the only alternative has been threat, harm and more destitution by trying to stand up and change it. This cannot be right.


So please help and support exposing and bringing to light bad management and rogue abusive landlords. Afterall, it is not just a house, it is a home, and a home is where we all should be safe.






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  • A tenant who won’t lie down.

    ‘I also would like anyone else who has experienced bad property management and personal harassment and abuse as tenants of Oakfield Properties and Hanlon and Hanlon, or Roost to also come forward and share their experience.’ I’m taking them to court next month, feel free to get in touch for more information.

  • Charlie

    Hi there, I’m trying to get in contact with June Knight if possible please as we seem to be experiencing similar issues with the same landlord.

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