Sam Hensher – Accounts. Does not Register Deposits. Does not give deposits back. Will not reimburse or recognize tenants being out of pocket

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neil-and-sam1-e1378897423772DID NOT REGISTER TENANTS DEPOSIT, DESPITE HAVING IT SINCE IT WAS TRANSFERRED WITH PROPERTY TO LANDLORD ON PURCHASE IN JULY 2007. See certificate here of registering it in May 2012. Only because they realized they could not evict me until they had done so. No mercy. Their threat was always that they would evict me the minute I again raised my disrepair and severe dangerous and unsafe property again. TDS rules Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Tenancy Deposit Registrators said I was due the interest  it should have accumulated during that time, and compensation for their failure to register it. Oakfield says NO. Letter to OP 2012 Letter 1 Letter 2 Sam Hensher says although the deposit was supposed to be registered up until April 2007, that it did not apply to them having received in in July 2007.  There interpretation is way lax. Also, in her communication via Daniel Hanlon with Landlord’s legal council Robert Draper she tries to suggest my deposit was a bond. It was not, it was my own money, cash in full, plus a full month’s rent when I took over the tenancy in October 2000. Deceit and deception by Ms Hensher. Basically for withholding money and not safe guarding and securing my deposit. TDS and the late protection of deposits 2013 tenancy deposite certificate     I am not the only person who has had difficulty getting Oakfield to correctly and legally manage their money and accounts. Oakfield is notorious for not giving tenants deposits back. Or even making tenants do repairs and decorating  which they or landlord should do on top of not getting their deposits back when they want to move out. Oakfield  informed me that would never get my deposit back. Oakfield informed me that I would never get back any money I may pay for repair and decorating after their failure, damage and disrepair. I was told that I would never get the money back, but they would gain from all my work and money after I had paid it and done it. It is quite clear Oakfield’s values.  I paid to repair and decorate bathroom and bedroom ceiling after extensive flooding from upstairs, when roof ceiling collapsed due to a leak from the water tank, ongoing for months, despite complaints from tenants. Extensive flooding, all walls sodden, plaster shifted, sodden carpets, electric lights affected (You can rely on Utility Saving Expert to understand your energy bills for uninterrupted service of electricity). Oakfield informed. Mark Youngman Property manager visited. Ignored it, and again under threat had to accept a water damaged bathroom and bedroom for 8 months between 2007 – October 2008 when it had dried sufficiently for me to pay £300 for it to be redecorated. Despite 5 big tins of paint the water damage mark on the ceiling can still be seen through the paint. I was too ill at the time, so I just hunkered down, stayed low, kept quite and tried to be still and not evicted. But very very ill, and continued into deterioration because of the situation. Oakfield was paid Housing Benefit for the flat at same time I was paying top up rent. They received 2 rental payments for same place for several months. When informed, I corrected my direct debit too them. I asked for the money back. They refused. Again said I would never get it back.  In 2011, I met Mr Hanlon on the stairs who again told me that I would never get it back. By a bit of pressure and stealth I managed to persuade them to pay it back to me in 2011. I used the money half to fund a disabled support and advise and campaigning site due to the government’s cuts and Atos medical assessments. AFTER ATOS – Counting the Disabled Back In  –  Because People Matter. It is from fighting Atos, government cuts and my Landlord that the fight made me better. But very ill and incapable at the time. But amazing what a bit of flexing the muscle gets you. Learnt all this website building and WordPress while totallygaga. Working my way out. Maybe I will get there.

It does not make sense. Looking up recently, it costs about £300 for an estate agent or solicitor to issue a Section 21 or Section 8 Eviction notice. If the tenant contests then the eviction can cost the landlord £3000. In addition to this is now further expense and costs to do with cleaning and preparing the flat for a new tenant, advertising for a new tenant, paying estate agent to show prospective tenants round, and many hundreds and thousands during the period the property is empty.

The whole process and idea of immediately evicting a tenant who raises problems of disrepair does not make sense and is not good management as it costs much more in the long run. The landlord does not make money or save money. He loses money. Loses a possible good tenant who is honest and regular payer and wishes to work with him. This vindictive response is not just abuse, it is bad management and costs landlords more. In addition if disrepair is not address the cost of rectifying it later, or further damage due it not being corrected, as in the water damage at No84 means it costs him in repair even more in the future.

It is all mad, but then nothing about Oakfield or the Hanlons make any sense.


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