Penny Selby – Property Manager. Does not come out, ignores repair, threatens tenant

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It was a shock and surprise from the beginning that the only response to any reports of damage or disrepair was denial and a threat of instant eviction.  I was too ill. Struggling and incapable to stand up and risk homelessness on top of my illness distress and abuse. They used this knowledge tot he full.

2007 Water coming through bathroom – Penny “We can always evict you.” Water flooded bathroom and bedroom ceiling. Walls, floors and ceilings soaked and ruined.  Plaster on walls folds due to severely soaked. Carpet sodden. Even recently, when replacing the flooring in 2013 the carpet man had to treat and cover the floorboards as he said it was obvious they were severely water damaged.  Mark Youngman came in several times. Denied water problem even though large drips hung over his head. Threatened eviction, Due to Mark Youngman making me move boxes when severely injured after surgery and causing harm and pain I felt extreme fear having to involve or ask him for anything.

C.A.B. and Brighton Housing Trust confirmed I had not rights, and my only choice and future was homelessness and destitution. Landlords and property managers and Penny Selbys and Mark Youngmans can threaten tenants and do harm to them if they raise disrepair issues.

2009 Workmen damaged and vandalised garden, breaking hose reel. Leaving hose on for 4 hours flooding basement and ground floor flat. Broke ornaments, broke fencing, shattered garden gate. Dropped debris through wooden archway.  Plants shatted and cut by the debris. Whole boxes of salad leaves  and herbs destroyed. I was growing squashes as a challenge that year. I had two boxes of 20 squashes of various types. They were all smashed and destroyed. I only got one small squash out of that year. It was a perfect squash, and I used it in a squash and mushroom risotto. It was beautiful and very sayd. I never grew anything again or challenged myself to grow anything new. I put my boxes away. And never bothered again.  They Dropped scaffolding and broke wooden boarding over big drop into bunker near neighbour’s door. This remained dangerous till 2012. Under threat if raised. Animals fell down. Rats got in, Water got in and damaged basement flat. Broke dustbin.

2010 Feb: Water flooded through from upstairs, No response. Had to call fire brigade. Oakfield and Penny denied the damage. Refused to come in and fix. Again eviction threatened if I complained or put it in writing. I involved the council to be involved and also as witness before I wrote. I wrote and phoned throughout 2010. Ignored, except for visits arranged by council to order fire prevention work.  Electrics dangerous all the time. Cut out several times a day. Decoration destroyed, Living room destroyed, Kitchen destroyed. No response.

2010. Workmen told me Oakfield had shared my letters to them and told them I was a liar. Told them I lied about any water coming through, Told them I was a sexual assualt victim, Told them I had mental health problems and was deluded. Workmen told me they had a jolly good laugh. Became verbally abusive.  I phoned Oakfield Penny said it was not their problem, had to phone police to give warning to Oakfield and Landlord’s workmen about being abusive and abusive to me both as female, abuse victim and PTSD and distressed disabled. It was dreadful. Penny had said I had lied about disrepair and flooding. Yet come into my flat and it was obvious.

2010.  May – Past Xmas Water starts coming in bow window. Penny again denied and threatened eviction when I phoned up.  Mark Youngman came in when I caught him in the building, He also denied. By October water flooding in during heavy rain filling several buckets within a few hours. denial and threat. Eventually, persuaded Mark Youngman under threat to fix rotten sill upstairs. Did not repair damage in my flat.

2011. Bow window ceiling falls in damaging TV. Penny said I could try an get another TV replaced by them, but I would be instantly evicted if I tried and “It would be very difficult finding somewhere to plug the TV in when I was on the streets.”

2011. Threats of eviction. They knew I was victim of abuse and sexual assault, They also knew my mum was burns victim, and homeless were set alight by yobs. Painted it to me that this would happen to me if evicted.  It terrified me and made me severely distressed into incapacity.  C.A.B and Brighton Housing Trust said I had no rights and neither did anyone else. Landlords had right to abuse females and disabled and we had to accept it, No concern.  It was rather dismissive the way everyone accepted I and many others were living like this. It is barbaric and unacceptable.

This is the response of Oakfield and Penny Selby to reports of disrepair.  It seems it is common and happens to others.  Examples have already been reported in the press before.

It is disgusting and must be stopped. No one should live in fear. Landlords and property managers get paid hundreds of pounds a week by tenants just to abuse and terrorise them. Make them live in unsafe property and cause harm ad accidents to them and their children.


Penny Selby said workmen were allowed to do that.The garden and yard were communal areas, therefore workmen can do whatever they like. When pressed said they could always take the garden off me, or evict me. Oakfield and Penny knew the garden was a labour of love and therapeutic for me. They knew it was a distraction from my abuse and PTSD. They purposely picked on that which would make me have most distress.



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