OAKFIELD CALL POLICE TO STOP WEBSITE. Claim Harassment, and alarm and distress.

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policeOAKFIELD HAVE DECIDED TO MAKE COMPLAINT TO POLICE ABOUT  ME, RE:WEBSITE, Claim Harassment. That is nothing compared to what they have taken myself and the rest of the tenants through over the last several years.

Just received this email from local police. Informing me that Neil Newstead and Sam Hensher have made a complaint of harassment against me, regarding this website. They claim it is “upsetting them, and causing alarm.”  No empathy or sympathy from them when they caused distress and alarm to myself and other residents and extreme fear.

Here is the police communication email in pdf.


It is very common, that after months and years of extensive bullying of the most extreme kind, as I and many other tenants have suffered, that when the victim eventually turns round and decides no more and stands up to the bully, that the bully then returns by blaming and accusing the victim of now bullying.

bullyonlFor excellent advice and how to see and spot the bully and the common pathway of the bully see BullyOnLine by the late Tim Fields who did so much work in this area, and who’s insights are still true and relevant today.



fig-14But here is my answers. But lets first remind us of what harassment is:

Which I think Mr Newstead and Ms Hensher have all been guilty of over the last few years. But seeing as it is an offence against a disabled and tenant it comes under s civil offence and not a criminal offence, so police told me the could not respond or do anything, no matter what.

At this moment I am thinking of all the abuse and cruelty, the intentional abuse to do me harm, which they did, and left me in an unsafe flat with the threat I would be on the streets and suffering harm, violence and sexual assault or even being set on fire like some poor homeless people have suffered if  I raised my complaint or put it in writing.  And all the time, the police said it was not a criminal offence but a civil offence so could not respond, Or as they all said: police, C.A.B, Brighton Housing Trust, Social Services – “Your landlord and his agents can do whatever they like to you or any other tenant, you have no rights in English Law. Even Brighton Housing Trust said Disabled had to put up with dangerous accommodation, harassment, water damage, flooding, bad electrics and sexual and personal abuse, as there is no law to protect us.

So after 7 years of living like this, and having caused me purposeful physical and mental harm, and damage to property and garden I do feel it is taking the proverbial. That and I am in tears at this moment with the memories. “I am sorry,” say Mr and Ms Policeman, “Your landlord can do anything he likes to you.”  Only a few weeks ago I went to the police about the 3 false witness statements, saying it is a criminal offence. Again, the police said it was a civil offence and could not do anything.

I do not see how Oakfield and landlord can write 3 false witness statements to court, which are proved false and get away with it and I cannot write a truthful blog and website.


Ho Hum.


Dear Toby, (PC Toby Spires)
Please specify which comments are abusive or insulting and be specific. I understand all comments are supported by evidence and fact by newspaper cuttings or documents. They are in effect true, and also already in the public domain and on record.
Mr Neil Newstead has a record of violence and abuse. Some recorded, some known, some not. I am sure there are others out there who have suffered his assault.
And evidence of his failings and discipline actions for them are again already in public domain and on record.
Miss Hensher failed to register my deposit and that is shown. Miss Hensher has written a document to a lawyer in the case I am going through making false claims. That is was a bond and not cash.
Miss Hensher said I would never get my money back or any reimbursement for any repairs I had to do.
The state of the flat and their failure to respond while making me live in an unfit unsafe place is well known and documented, In fact, the fact of the state of the house has been accepted and proved in court and the landlord has had to pay for all the work to be done.
I understand abuse and harassment.
I understand I am not making any claims that are not already supported.
Please highlight and pick out specifically that which is not true, not supported and needs to be removed.
The case is going through NOMINET and my case against the landlord has now got to being set to trial in New Year.
It may be uncomfortable, but the way and fact that everyone in the house has been affected, health affected and destroyed, as well as water, ceiling falling down, mites, rats, threats, electric shocks over years is fact and needs to be said, Even if it is uncomfortable.
If I am to be interviewed I insist on a Duty Solicitor to be present.
Comment is Free. It is a Criticism Site, which is legal and acceptable, It is not defamation as it is all True. It is in the Public Interest, and Interest Environmental Health, and all comments are backed up with documents and facts.
And satire and cartoon humour is also OK, or Steve Bell and other newspaper cartoonist would have been sued ages ago.
Be specific.
June Knight

and again after checking my rights on line:

Dear Toby Spires,
Further to reiterate:
The Protection from Harassment Act 1997
 It is a defence to civil or criminal proceedings to show that the course of conduct was:
  • Pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime.
  • I believe this is not the only instance or instances when Mr Neil Newstead and Miss Hensher have been involved in criminal and illegal activity.  Mr Newstead has been involved in at least 2 known every serious violent assault incidents, one involving a policeman, another a taxi driver alone, cut off and defenceless. I believe there may be others victims who may not be known and who may come forward if allowed to and encouraged.  With such violent offenders who are calculated and premeditated it is important that if they are serial and affected others that it be known.
  • Miss Hensher has failed to register deposits, failed to pay deposits back, refused to pay for repairs done by tenants and evicted people immediately they raised a complaint. All, which is illegal. Therefore, I am wishing to both prevent and detect a crime and trying to pursue no more illegal of criminal activity continues. Again, I believe that by my truth and facts and documentation others will come forward. Victims will be supported and enabled and crime will be prevented.
  • It is under the principle of Public Interest, and Public Health and Safety,and Environmental Safety. To not do so is a dereliction of duty to public interest and public safety. 
  • Pursued under any enactment or rule of law or to comply with any condition or requirement imposed by any person under any enactment.
  • The claim of harassment and to remove content from the website contradicts the overriding precedent and objectives in law such as Free Speech and Freedom of Expression. It also goes against right for fair comment and criticism. Or no one would criticise anything or bring to life. the right principle of investigative journalism. It goes against the EU Human Rights of Right to Know. Right of Peaceful Protest, Rights of Children and Young People (the house has been unsafe and affected children’s health. They still crawl with mites, and damp, and black spores)
  • It would be like suing WatchDog of Cowboy Builders programme when they show a dodgy house and dangerous workmanship. And naming and showing the people involved and responsible.
  • Was reasonable in the particular circumstances.
  • It is reasonable in the circumstances as I have lived under threat in a very unsafe home with severe water damage and flooding, dangerous electrics for years. Threats against me for raising it and using my disability against me to refuse disrepair and keep me in a position of fear. THEY NEARLY KILLED ME! By the falling ceiling, dangerous electrics, was on the floor for 4 days after a fall, and all they said was they could evict me if I had a problem with it.
  • By raising it and taking it to court this year against all the odds, they again tried to illegally evict me twice. Were not not able to, as by illegally not registering my deposit in the beginning, they are not allowed by law to evict me.
  • They also kept the little old  lady downstairs without any heating for 5 years under threat.
  • Given the circumstances, and that the severe disrepair went on for years and did harm and physical and mental damage to me I feel it is REASONABLE.
If you wish me to remove something because it is untrue,or not in the public interest, or funny  then please point it out.
It may be uncomfortable, but it is true. It may be difficult, but it is in the Public Interest. And it is to detect and prevent any further criminal or illegal activity from occurring.
The police said they could not help or protect me from the harassment or abuse or disability discrimination and harassment and threat from Oakfield and Newstead and Hensher. As harassment against women, disabled and tenancy law is a civil offence no one could help me.  I lived in danger and fear. and so did everyone else. This is in the public interest. And I am sure others have been attacked as well as the policeman. £200 is nothing for having your face punched in several times and kicked on the ground when you have fallen. It is in the public interest and I hope others come forward.
I have been backed against my door, alone with several men in front of me and threatened. And they smashed my Peace Garden up. Others have found workmen have just let themselves in. Others who have tried to take Oakfield to court have been threatened.
They also had the council close the case several times by lying to them that the repair had been done.
So it is important, to prevent further crime and in the public interest.
June Knight

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