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Workmen balance precariously on top of two small ladders, while holding a board up to the ceiling as arm’s length and operating an electric power screwdriver. At any moment the men or power tool could have slipped or board fallen down and there could have been a serious accident.

Unsafe way of working

Unsafe way of working

Outside, scaffolding was erected to paint the outside. No ladders were provided. So painters and two young boys, including Calum Hanlon, Mr Patrick Hanlon’s son climbed up and down the diagonal poles, holding on to anything, while also holding on to buckets, paint pots and tools. One day, I looked out and one of the young lads swung his leg over the diagonal pole 3 floors up to go down.  he got himself over, and then  . SLIPPED!!  A short fall of a couple if feet where is head and jaw nearly hit the board. And then maybe in a daze he could have let go and fallen over and down the whole length of the building.

He stopped himself just in time. A look of shock was on his face. He pulled himself up like any good lad, and then proceeded to edge his way down. Again, restarting his descent.

I raised this with Daniel Hanlon, when he visited me, he said that I should not care about any workmen’s safety or if anything happened to them.  I pointed out that I had been a nurse and in A&E and specalised in Head Injuries and saw people damaged for life, or in a coma, or severe spinal injuries. Mr Daniel Hanlon said “He did not care.”

And that is Mr Hanlon’s position no matter what. Whether it be tenant’s safety, safety of his building, safety and welfare of children or elderly.

There was another lad on that scaffolding helping out with the painting during his holidays from doing his studies at Oxford Brookes University, and that was Daniel Hanlon’s nephew, and Patrick Hanlon’s son Callum Hanlon. Yet Daniel Hanlon knowing his nephew was working on the property and on the dangerous scaffolding where a young lad nearly fell from top to bottom on the concrete and could have damaged himself for life or been killed, Daniel Hanlon said “I DON’T CARE!”  I wonder if Dawn Hanlon Calum’s mother and Patrick Hanlon’s wife knows?

This could be Calum Hanlon, Daniel Hanlons nephew and Patrick Hanlons son. Yet Daniel Hanlon says "He Does Not Care" even if you point it out to him for his own good and the safety of his own.

This could be Calum Hanlon, Daniel Hanlons nephew and Patrick Hanlon’s son. Yet Daniel Hanlon says “He Does Not Care” even if you point it out to him for his own good and the safety of his own.

It really amazes me that he also includes his own family, and possibly the health and safety of his nephew Calum. Does he really not care that due to his negligent practices that Calum could end up with a severe head injury, life long spinal damage, dead or a vegetable on some life support?  It was the other lad who fell. But I feel Mr Hanlon could not care if it was either.  But it might be a bit difficult explaining it to his mother.

Oakfield and Hanlons do not care. It is so fixed, they would not even change it for a workman’s or young lad’s life, even if it was one of their own.

Beware. Hanlons and Oakfield Just DON’T CARE!




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