NEIL STRIKES AGAIN. Viciously Punches Taxi Driver in what seems a calculated pre-meditated attack.

On October 9, 2013 by admin


A Systematic Serial Bully and a Thug. How many others have suffered that we do not know about? If you know, let us know. This is not random, this is meticulous, serial and planned. This man has a violent streak in him he must practice.

Although he got away with it, and it went for the most part quietly un-reported, Neil also beat up a taxi driver in  very strange but vicious unexpected but a premeditated act.

While the taxi driver was driving Neil decided to get into an argument. These seemed premeditated as a way of covering or excusing what he was about to do.  Without warning, as it really was the most unsuspected attack from anyone, who could only be considered a mad man, Neil reached over snatched  the drivers glasses from his face. He crushed them and threw them to the floor and stamped on them. The driver was still driving and had to keep his hands on the wheel. But think how fast this most have been for Neil not to have given the driver time to stop or protect himself.

It was a very vicious attack, and many knew and heard about it. The owner of the taxi business tried to take it forward for sake of his driver, and the driver victim also tried to take it forward. They were not helped, but prevented. In the end, there was some compensation for the broken intercom system, but none for the driver or replacement for his £200 glasses.

Who else has been affected by this systematic bully and habitual thug? Many victims often do not come forward. This is your chance. If this has happened to you and you too are a victim of Neil Newstead then let it be known.  Maybe take a collective legal action.





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