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boy and brother4 Hanlon and Hanlon, Patrick and Daniel, my landlords and multiple property owners and multiple business owners and directors “do not add up.”

I started by looking up my landlords and Roost Group to understand my situation which seemed bizarre for anyone who was a proper landlord or a proper business manager and director. The more I looked, the more it did not add up.

My landlords buy up property and boast a porfolio of 400 properties. Yet allow properties to go into disrepair, to the point the property loses its value, costs more in the long run and would prefer to spend £3000 to evict a tenant for raising disrepair, rather than spend a little on responding and repairing the repair, or preventing the property damage from happening in the first place.  There as no interest in assessing and mending any disrepair and putting it back on the contractors or insurance. And in the end all repairs, renovations and improvements can be claimed back on the tax submissions at the end of the year.  So there is no loss. Often by claiming back all that has been spent the tax band is reduced to the one below it. Therefore, all round the business, business owners and property gains.  Patrick and Daniel Hanlon never did this. It was quite curious. All sounded rather MAD for anyone wishing to be  proper businessmen or property owners and landlords.


What I found was that Patrick Hanlon had been director of over 30 businesses, many had been folded or liquidated. Roost Group who was the property business had been liquidated due to Corporate Insolvency.  Patrick Hanlon was also owner/director of  huge multimillion recruitment agency in the City. It had an amazing account of earning a regular 30-35million pound per year with government and corporate contracts. And yet, it too was being liquidated due to Corporate Insolvency.  James Caan of Dragons Den had bought it out as it was being liquidated.  Caan found the books did not add up. The millions were unaccounted for and could not be seen. Payments were questionable. Their 500 staff had not been paid and neither had any of their contractors. Both in Roost Property and Synergy Group there are many unsecured creditors who have not been paid, or should ever expect to be paid, as HMRC has first shout and access to any money or assets. And with Roost HMRC are owed hundreds of thousands. Caan suggested Hanlon should have an external audit. Hanlon turned this down. What kind of director being told his book are not in order and advised to have an external audit would not do so?

It is all rather odd.

Hanlons have at least 2 companies liquidated due to corporate insolvency. Daniel Hanlon is not names as a director or owners on any company. But is central and essential in running what has been left of Roost and the property empire. Patrick Hanlon is named as the director on many of the companies. But his credit score is Nile, and the only credit it is suggested he can get is just £50 or at most £500.

I do not understand why and how the Hanlons buy large property complexes, such as multiple occupancy appartments. Then spend many years developing them. And even do not finish them before putting them up for sale at cut down prices or giving that no one buys within  few months puts it up for immediate auction.

Where there are no tenants, there is a void, and all voids are lost income. They are particularly lost if the cost of renovating the property, manpower and mortgage far outweighs the possible profit and income outcome.

3 Robertson Terrace. Always under renovation since 2008 Never Completed til sold at a loss of £499,000 in Nov 2013.

3 Robertson Terrace. Always under renovation since 2008 Never Completed til sold at a loss of £499,000 in Nov 2013.

In 2008, the Hanlons bought 3 Robertson Terrace, Hastings. A large 6 floor appartment complex on the front of Hasting promenade, In a very popular area, and close to town centre and all shops. The actual appartments in the complex were huge. I had been in one. Yet from 2008 until it was hurridly sold at Clive Emson auction in Nov 2013
no one lived in it, it was in permanent improvement and renovation. In fact, when it was put on the market it was still not completed. Therefore, the Hanlons had not made any income from the property in all those 5 years. I cannot understand that. A few people have explained to me how a property in  constant state of being worked on and renovated can attract investment and income. But I am not so sure I follow it.

Other properties along the front of Hastings seafront have taken years, and far past any reasonable expectation for time of building work or renovation.

Bought at Auction By Hanlons for 1.6 Million Pounds. GEEZ! Nice when you can find someone to lend.

Bought at Auction By Hanlons for 1.6 Million Pounds. GEEZ! Nice when you can find someone to lend.

And again, last year, when Patrick Hanlon is declared having no credit to his name, Roost and Synergy Group liquidated due to Corporate Insolvency and liquidators saying the books do not add up, staff are not paid and contractors should not expect their money. Even HMRC might scrape through getting their taxes owed.  In this position, the Hanlons were able to purchase the grand Palace Court complex on Hastings sea front at the price of £1.6 million.

AMAZING!! Wish I could do that. Gift of gab, and having swallowed the Blarney Stone as little Irish imps running around the streets of London as kids.That and a bit of training in between. Never went on to complete further education, but who needs to.

So Patrick Hanlon is bankrupt, under investigation and insolvent. And yet, again immediately set up 2 or 3 new companies Ipeople/Action First and Isynergy People.  Recruitment companies again. Again targeting big contracts in public health and social services, or recruiting for work in Dubai. Based at same address as one of his other companies Insurance Synergy at  Valiant House, Heneage Lane, London, EC3A 5DQ which specialises in recruitment in the insurance industry and has bases in Guernsey, Bermuda and Leeds.

Another new fledgling  company in same short time after losing Synergy Group is Charterhouse Consultancy. God knows what that does? But give it to the lad, he does re-invent and re-brand himself, and gets someone to believe in him pretty bloody quick from an obvious disaster and gigantic Ttianic  wreck of a recent business liquidation and insolvency.

Got to give it to the lad he does just keep going, even if his history does say that he is a bit of a questionable idiot.

But this is my website about the history and case of the Hanlons as my landlords. But since a simple disrepair and harassment case, this does seem to be a damn sight more interesting.

Hanlon and Hanlon do not add up and are pretty calculated, even though they are both Klutz.


Xxx Aunty Admin

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  • Sandra Durant

    Hi Aunty Admin – I also have a story about Patrick Hanlon but I have been simply waiting for the day he & his lot get their come-uppance. I’ve never had anything to do with the Daniel one, if he exists that is, but I’ve certainly come across Patrick Hanlon. He purchased the multi-occupancy house I used to live in last April (2013) from my ex landlord, Mark West. The house was made up of five flats & I occupied the basement with garden. He then had three houses in a row in St Margarets Road. Oakfield took over the property management & I complained about certain issues that I’d lived with for ten years – rotting wood around door frames etc & tiles falling off the bathroom walls. Also areas of damp & mould – all these repairs were done by Roost. I was also lied to by both my previous landlord AND Hanlon, when, one day they both turned up at my flat to measure up for ‘fire alarms’, saying Hanlon was from the council – I must be bloody stupid because I thought ‘what’s all this measuring of rooms for?’ So, in November 2013, I get an eviction notice delivered by Oakfield telling me I’ve got to go ……… after ten years of making my home & spending loads of money on my little garden etc etc. I’m sixty-four years old & had two cats & I’ve ended up not knowing what happened to them (someone took them in & they both ran away) & now, out of desperation, live in a place high in the sky & no garden. I’ve ALSO looked up Hanlon & his & his familys’ businesses – they are NOT right, as you say – it seems to me that it’s purely getting rich that drives them & sod other people, the ones who, in the end MAKE them so bloody wealthy. I’ve seen Hanlon only once since I received notice & it wasn’t long after – in the underpass in Hastings. I now wish I’d given him a bloody good kick in the bollocks for doing what he did – I’m not a violent woman normally but I’d so love to see him pay for what he does to people. Sorry this has been a long rant but I had to get it out of my system to someone who seems to be like-minded!!!!! Oh, by the way, I used to live in Palace Court too – I’m just glad he didn’t buy it THEN!!!!!

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