Landlords. Are Your Tenants Too Frightened to Tell Your Property Agent of a Possible Smell of Gas and a Gas Leak? Oakfield Property Tenants Are.

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SMELL GAS? CALL 0800 111 999 Put it in your mobile phone numbers

SMELL GAS? CALL 0800 111 999 Put it in your mobile phone numbers

In the early months of this year, I came back from the court very dispondent, because again I had not got anywhere. I had not convinced the court of the seriousness of the disrepair, or the harassment and was merely ordered to let my landlord have access to me and let him, Oakfield and workmen in even if on my own. It seemed, nothing had been heard. I was being treated like a disruptive obstructive tenant, instead of one who had suffered and made ill, living in an unsafe, unfit flat for years under threat.

I was mentally and emotionally knackered and beat. I began again to be ill. To go into  vomiting, shakes and convulsing. I had days of headaches, tummy upsets and hot and cold sweats, vomiting and loose liquid shit. I was not well and shaking. I had to keep everything together to just to get through the minute, never mind the same day.

However, some things had been done and changed.

Because I had got the disrepair case to court after so many years my landlord had now run round like a blue arsed fly doing lots of major and basic repair to the other flats. The basement had been gutted and repaired as it had excessive water damage. He and his maintenance manager Chris Williams in their statements, tried to say that my watering two little hanging baskets away from the building was what caused all the flooding and the damage in the two properties below.  Instead of their poor property maintenance and management.

Know What to Do

Know What to Do

Also, my little old lady neighbour, who is in her 80s had done without a working boiler for years. Again they had withdrawn repair for punishment and to I think pressure the lady out. So she lived without property hot water or heating for years.

Now the landlord had taken out the old boiler and put in a new boiler before Christmas. But right on Christmas Eve said it would not be finished or completed until the New Year. At least 6 weeks.


This meant, my little old lady who is a traditional English Church goer and pride of English rose culture of humility and politeness had no heating or hot water over Christmas and New Year. She was also ordered to leave a back window open all the time. It was very cold, and also anyone could have got in.

It was now into February, and the boiler man had just finished the boiler and the gas fitting man came the next day to connect it up.



The following morning, I could not wake up. I could in my daze detect the smell of gas, and felt woozy. I eventually woke up and smelt gas. I went about to find out where it was coming from. No problem with my flat.

I went downstairs and my elderly neighbour caught me.  “June, I could not wake up this morning, and can smell gas. Can you?” she said poking her nose out tentatively. I said, “Yes I could and had the same problem.”

I went into her home and went out the back to look at the new gas boiler works.

We both thought this could be the problem. Then we said “I suppose we had better ring..” There was a silence in the air. You could feel the distress and fear between us, thinking of phoning Oakfield up. They are so nasty, no matter what. Even very important and unsafe things had been treated as a way to dismiss and make us feel threatened more.  I looked at her. She said “I really do not want to do it..”  This comes, not from 2 adult people who were not used to taking responsibility and taking control and letting authorities know. This came from two people used to taking responsibility, control and leading.

We gasped and breathed.

I said “Well, if it needs to be done, I will phone them, if need be.” Then felt my chest tighten and burn.

Then suddenly I remembered.

“Miss ******, we do not have to phone Oakfield, We can phone straight through to the gas emergency line and they will come out and check it and put it right. And they can also inform our landlord or Oakfield. We do not have to do it..”

We both sighed a sigh of relief, but felt embarrased that we had been so cudgeled down by Oakfield, they had destroyed our ability to be confident and pro-active, even in a potential life endangering situation.

We both, would have done it, as we are both committed to original values and beliefs in duty and responsibility. But the hesitation and the gasps and looks of “Do I Have To?” to each other said it all.

Oakfield Properties are such monsters and so committed to their first goal in making tenants so afraid they stop tenants reporting things to them, even when it could be a serious environmental hazard and potentially put public in danger.



Miss **** Phoned the Gas direct. They came out, and said it was not us but from somewhere else. Also they would contact the landlord and property agent.


No one should use them and no landlord or tenant should put their lives or property in their hands.






Getting Better, But Not Got There yet….

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