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Senior Judge Robinson has told the Defendants they will have to pursue this as a separate private matter

Judge Throws Out Defendants Objection to Websites. He will have to Pursue this Separately

Judge Throws Out Defendants Objection to Websites. He will have to Pursue this Separately

if they have any problem with this site or the other clones of this site at:

Mr Hanlon said that their investors had seen the sites and had cut their funding and investment in them, their properties and their businesses. I just told them where to go to find the fact that the Hanlons do not add up and are serial corporate insolvents. Bluff, smoke and mirrors and charm and networking credentials which often mean people and investors forget to look and check up on them.  Mr Hanlon threatened to set the police on me as a complaint under the Protection from Harassment Act. The balance of harassment seems incredible considering what he and Oakfield have done to me and other tenants and people.

Seems strange that Daniel Hanlon would spend £100,000s fighting and contesting a small claims disrepair case from a middle aged mentally vulnerable disabled female tenant and being exceptionally nasty when he appears to be an intelligent, wealthy successful businessman with his brother Patrick Hanlon owners of 600 properties, now reduced to 360 properties and famous directors of the famous Eden Brown and Synergy Group city recruitment agencies.

I have been kept in a state of fear and distress for years in an unfit property. With several incidents of severe flooding causing plaster on walls to collapse and fold, ceilings to fall down losing 140 yr old beautiful Victorian period feature plaster work, electrics to cut out several times a day for years. The surveyor and electrical condition report I paid for confirmed this and said I could have been killed at any time.

Everyone said I had no rights or access to justice. I had to live like this or suffer and risk retaliatory eviction. In this current climate I could have ended up homeless or in a worse type of property and situation. That is what has happened to many.

In the end I ended up suffering retaliatory eviction and because of all the costs incurred and directions of the judges, then changing their minds I ended up wandering and sleeping on the streets during my father’s death and funeral. Everyone just seems to want to take money off you and give you nothing or very little. 

Listen to my distress. Recorded in early hours of morning of Nov 2010. I disintegrated into severe mental incapacity and 24/7 constant living severe trauma in my head and body due to the events.

It remains today. I have no rights. I have no right to be safe or free from intimidation or fear, destruction of my property or misuse of my distress and mental ill health which has come as a consequence.  tearWe live in Fear and Violence and the Fear of Violence because of the Bully.  They dominate everything and destroy everything. We need to get rid of the bully and have a system that does that.

This is my personal video of how I was for many many years, without hope, without help, without health. Just fear and intimidation and an unsafe, unfit home to live in, which once was beautiful and I loved living there.  I LIVED LIKE THIS FOR YEARS. HOW MANY OTHERS ARE ALSO LIVING LIKE THIS.  I WILL STAND UP FOR MYSELF, AND SPEAK FOR MYSELF AS ALL SAID THEY WOULD NOT STAND UP FOR ME OR SPEAK FOR ME.

This is a shortened video with Beatle Song “I Am So Tired” made in 2011 when after all efforts and getting council involved the council only concentrated on fitting a fire regulation lobby in my small lounge, fire regulation orders most which were either ignored or very poorly made by landlord and his botchjob cowboys. Meanwhile the severe water damage, dangerous electrics cutting out and giving me electric shocks all the time and setting off little fires with the electrical wires was totally ignored.

Here is a video I did explaining my situation and mental health disability. I did videos very calmly. Had to concentrate and redo many times to get it right.  I realised that no one was seeing me as I really was and how the landlord and Oakfield knew I was and using my distress to the max and my fear of being evicted and being physically attacked and suffer sexual attack and rape on the streets again. The knew of my mother’s burns accident and that if affected her life scaring her face, body and removing her hair for life. Oakfield Penny Selby said “Just think you could have burns like your mother if you were made evicted and set on fire like tramps are.” Sent me into severe distress and mental disintegration.  Why are Freemasons, Council, Labour and Conservatives defending and protecting these bullies and mental monsters?

Full Video of I am Very Upset 1

Video of I Am Very Upset 2

Full Video of The Folly.


Since should show the full extent of the water damage and reservoir in ceiling of bow window, could have come down at any time. I was advised by a handyman who helped remove the decorative plaster that he did not want to touch the central ceiling in the bow window as he thought just touching it would bring it down, Advised me to stay away from the windows and that area. Which was half the living room area.

Bow Window Water Damaged Area Exposed. This could have collapsed and fallen down on me any time.

Bow Window Water Damaged Area Exposed. This could have collapsed and fallen down on me any time.

All videos can be found on Youtube BadPropertyManagement

In middle of court case.  I have no legal representation or help. No lawyers would help or assist me, or even help advise re court process and form filling. This is because all lawyers said they would not represent me due to my disability, the landlords Daniel and Patrick Hanlon are big property owners and developers in the South East. Although their properties and businesses do not add up, show serial corporate insolvency, liquidation and bad practice. Daniel Hanlon is a Freemason and Grand Master of Freemasons – although goes against every ethic and moral behaviour required of a Freemason and Grand Master. And because he is very good at networking and makes himself key and indispensable. A player and a racketeer.

Look closely. He and his brother do not add up.

A Charmer, A Con Man. A Fraudster and I think just a plain old Confidence Trickster. An Irish Man who has swallowed the Blarney Stone. A Wideboy Strictly Salesboy. An  Abuser. A Spiteful Little Boy. Street in a Suit. Sent to a Posh Borstal  Woolverstone Hall School for Boys. In Corners, the house reserved for London Street youths who might end up in greater crime and trouble.  What did he Daniel and Patrick Hanlon do for both to be sent?  Pick on women, mothers with young children and the elderly? Threatening them with what they would do if they did not hand over their purse?  Not much has changed. Street in Suits.

June Knight
Tenants/Claimant/Disabled/Cuckoo Old Woman

I read a story once. A mythical story of the God Thor being given the challenge to fight with an Old Woman. He never won.

The Young God and the Old Woman

The Young God and the Old Woman

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