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A Political Organisation For "Class War" Not Tenants.

A Political Organisation
For “Class War” Not Tenants.

I asked and begged for help from Hastings Tenants Union.

It was set up and an article in Hastings Observer and throughout the South East local newspapers in Feb 2015.

It said it was for tenants, by tenants. I thought “AT LAST!”  Someone to help support and pick up my case and help take on one of the biggest known rogue landlords in the South East.


Surely they would help and also get a class or collective action from all those tenants affected by Roost, Hanlons and Oakfield P.M.

NO!  It was made clear to me that Hastings Tenants Union was not about tenants problems or representing them or helping mediate, stand up for them or help take cases through court.


Sorry. Good Luck. No Help

Sorry. Good Luck. No Help







This is my reply. I consider it pretty mild considering the abuse, loss, disrepair and serious disadvantage I was in as a disabled woman with mental health incapacity and gross complex PTSD. Even so. I was told they considered my emails to be harassment. Instead of the desperation of a woman and tenant who had already gone through too much.

Dear Neil
That is disappointing, but expected.
I have found not one organisation or party or union willing or want to stand up to real concerns and for real people.
There is no “getting along side” in the real sense.
As you say “It is not your interest.”  And you said you did not want to know disability needs, contrary to the Disability Discrimination and Equalities Act requiring a statutory duty to make disability reasonable adjustments. 
Did not realise you were not into the really “Hard Stuff.”
So far a lot of concerns have “used” the needs and desperation of disabled, tenants, homeless, unemployed and working class, mums and elderly. Without any real care or interest. 
All words and no backbone. 
I think you are just using people.
I feel like the little timorous teacher played by Michael Palin in Bleasedale’s GBH. despite all set back, illness and the stress, abuse and violence making me ill I have stand up to abuse, incompetent officials, threatening landlords and organised criminal thugs and militant who all look the same.
Leave it to the women, children elderly, disabled and mental ill sufferers to look after themselves. 
I am not surprised by your answer. 
I am sure an alternative needs to be created. One that really does care
June Knight


Neil Warne Heavy Stuff

Ian Bone and Neil O'Warne On the Same Page

Ian Bone and Neil O’Warne On the Same Page

You see, Hastings Tenants Union is really a social interest group set up by Workers Solidarity Federation, Class War based and more interested in promoting hard left views and values and my immediately signing up to being a Unite the Union member and attending mass ralliess and demos.

They are so hard wired they refuse and say it against their beliefs and  values to talk or engage with the enemy, Hastings Tenants Union will not help represent tenants and  talk or mediate with landlords, or help tenants to go through the systems of capitalist society such as courts and legal system.

I was desperate. and continued desperate. I told them and they knew I was disabled, vulnerable and going through retaliatory eviction, Yet they let it happen. They knew I was sleeping in a tent and on the streets, yet they let it happen. They knew I was taking a case through court on my own, with no representation. They were not interested.

Last time I saw them, after I spent time sleeping on the streets during my father’s death and funeral, and during when another vulnerable mentally ill young man on the learning needs spectrum was intimidated and ended up on the streets Hastings Tenants Union and Neil O’Warne said they were not there to help or support, They had no legal support to help, or even come alongside and accompany a person who is vulnerable, mentally ill and homeless.

Sorry, Good Luck to you and your friend.


I found out from simply googling Neil O’Warne, that the only Neil O’Warne besides the one of Hastings Tenants Union was one Neil O’Warne who helped publish and extreme hard left, pro violent direction action rag called The Heavy Stuff in early 1990s. Dedicated to launching molotov cocktails on unsuspecting policemen and putting hatchets and machettees through the Queen and Maggie Thatcher through the head.

Ian Bone Hospitalised CopperSo extreme rejected by others, His fellow producer of this vile rag was Ian Bone, The Class War hating person who was and is described as “The Most Dangerous Man in Britain” as he did then and does now advocate extreme violence, and students and young people rising up and causing violence and riot and boasts and cheers about policemen getting hurt.


Interview of Ian Bone by Jonathon Ross. with Hospitalised Copper Calendar.

Interview of Ian Bone by Jonathon Ross. with Hospitalised Copper Calendar.

In fact. Neil O’Warne and Ian Bone ran a regular feature called “Hospitalised Copper” in Hard Stuff and even produced a calendar called Hospitalised Copper with a picture on each page for the month of a policeman injured during riots and demos.

It is sick, and they are sick. This is Hastings Tenants Union. Pure Hard Left. Class Warfare and no other interest or cause.

There is no help out there. They also said Hastings Council had shown them private access to my file at Hastings Council. A file I did not know about. when I asked they clammed up.

But as Andy Batsford said to me carelessly that the council and Labour Party had got together and agreed never to come out to No 84 no matter what went on or how bad it was or if anyone got hurt or injured Hastings Council have never supported the right to people being safe in property and combating rogue landlords, They seem too close for comfort.

DISGUSTING! Do You Want these People In Charge of Tenants and their real needs and issues?

DISGUSTING! Do You Want these People In Charge of Tenants and their real needs and issues?

God knows what Golden Balls has. But he has no skill, no acumen for business and lost most of his property business as in 2014 they had over 600 properties and now in 2016 it has gone down to 360.

I feel I am in a playground between two lads who want a square off contest between the posh lads and the estate lads as to who is the best and cock of school, while sacrificing, ignoring and abusing the needs of the rest of society and children. Neil O’Warne is more bothered about squaring off with a rich toff landlord (although Hanlons came from London working class backgrounds) than he is with any tenant’s needs.

So sad. So bad. Seems Neil O’Warne and Hastings Tenants Union also does not have any balls. Class War believe in not helping people as they believe it needs to get worse in order for people to revolt, and rise up. Even young mums with children, elderly and disabled, mentally ill and learning needs.

There is not one man among them who will protect and defend people now.

I am sorry there is no one to help you. Hastings Tenants Unions is a Political Organisation

I am sorry there is no one to help you. Hastings Tenants Unions is a Political Organisation

While dealing with Hastings Tenants Union I was told by another single mum that again the ceiling had fallen down and water poured into her little baby’c cot, She was only 3 months old. She complained to Oakfield who were managing it. They again ignored and threatened eviction. She called out the council. The council came round, looked at the hole in ceiling and water damage and just said “Tell us if it happens again.” and left, That was it. She also said that Hastings Tenants Union took her details and story, and that was it. No action, no input, no representation, no help with disrepair. Total waste of time.

I am sorry Darling. There is nobody to help you.

I am sorry Darling. There is nobody to help you.

Not what any woman or working class person wants or believes in.

At same time I was told by ex squadies, ex service people, that a ex soldier who was disabled and suffering PTSD was having problem with landlord and disrepair. Landlord was not doing anything.

So the British Legion arranged for some fellow ex soldiers to go round, do the work and decorate it. Then they went to the landlord and help stand up for their mate, Got the money for the repair and recognition and compensation, ensured with the landlord that he would not be evicted.


I am down, defeated, abused, live in the most extreme terror and mental and emotional torture in the last several years, now nearly ten years since the landlord took over the property and I still have no one to help and going through an extensive and difficult court case totally on my own without any help. and everyone just says “Its a Shame About Disabled. Can’t Help, Wont Help. Good Luck.”



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