CEILING COLLAPSES IN No 84. The House I am Banned from writing about

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I am without help, mercy, any rights and live in an unsafe house in the cold. This is the state of pensioners in private property today. OAP deaths up by 50,000 extra due to cold in 2015

I have had to stay silent for over a year. Under the threat that I shall be in con tempt of court if I speak or write about anything to do with the landlords, property managers or any properties associated with them.

Although I and many have suffered for years under threat, ill-health and severe dangerous and life and health threatening disrepair I was warned by the judge at second hearing that although I and everyone has no rights and no access to justice or personal safety if I write about it again I shall be severely punished. And further informed I can be put away for ten years for contempt.

However, I cannot stay silent. The court allowed a retaliatory eviction from No84 St Helens Rd, Hastings. And Hastings Council closed a Hazardous Building repair order on it, local Tories side with the landlords and local Labour wont come out- no matter  what happens or who is harmed.

I continued to hear about the harm these landlords and property managers do to people and I had to stay silent.


I heard my elderly frail neighbour’s ceiling was falling down, then I heard it had fallen down and she left with it in the house I said had water and damp issues and fungi and mold and spores from top to bottom. It was only a matter of time til the incoming damp got to the lower floors.

I could not write a public blog but I chanced my arm and wrote to all councils, MPs those concerned again and begged them to help and do something.

Seems they would rather have me arrested for writing again about No84. The Hanlons, Roost, Synergy, Oakfield, Neil Newstead  and the whole rot which runs Hastings and the country. Rot and Rats at high level. Not the best but the worse.  

It is said Freemasons are involved. Not a band of righteous men looking after our towns and villages with integrity and care. But as a 1934 film said a band and network infiltrated by crooks, organised crime and those who are mediocre social climbers for their own gain and own short term small time gains

Here is the email I sent in July desperate for someone to help my old beloved elderly neighbour and raise the disgusting way we live under intimidation, poor housing and the threat of eviction or court prosecution of we resist or speak up.

This blog is tapped out on a mobile in a cold hostel. I am on the run as police turned up to arrest me for running this blog. IT BEING TRUE. FREEDOM OF SPEECH. IN THE INTERESTS OF PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY – Is Not A Defence. Said first judge

Dear Hastings Council and All,
I am contacting you as it has come to my attention that the ceiling of my elderly frail neighbour Miss Barbara White at 84 St Helens Rd, Hastings has collapsed. She lived with this threat for months and now it has happened, I have been informed she has been reduced to sleeping on the couch.

I brought to the council attention and MP attention the dangerous condition and health hazards of 84 St Helens RD, when I lived there.  Water was coming into the building continually from the top, walls collapsed, radiators fell off crumbling walls, ceilings fell down, the structural beams from top to bottom where black, soaked and rot from top to bottom, with fungus, mold, spores and black mold coming into the house.  Everyone was ill and there was problems with electrics cutting out, not working. Being left without heat, no cooking facilities, fridge defrosting and spoiling food, no lighting, no basic working electric sockets for years.

The landlord Hanlons of Roost Ltd and their property manager Oakfield Property Management refused to repair and on top mentally and emotionally intimidated and threatened all.

The landlords falsely persuaded the council they had done the work in 2010-2012 and caused the council to close the case.  (I have records and copies of council letters showing such)

Even so a Hazardous Repair Order was given to the landlords for the building, yet Marie Connelly of Hastings Council cancelled the order and suggested retaliatory eviction on me.  Despite the continuing water ingress problem Marie only did an observational report, which was false.  any damp meter would have screamed back at you.

This retaliatory eviction happened. The costs and affect on me to try and ensure my safety by raising it with council and trying unsuccessfully to take it to court meant I slept on the streets and I slept on the streets during visiting my father during his dying and death and during managing his funeral.  Amongst many other distressing things. I had not seen my father for over ten years and did not even known he was still alive. because of the deterioration of my own ill health due to abuse, attack and distress.  So sad, I only saw him once in January 2015 before he died in March. I thought I would see him for his 90th birthday. I didn’t.  That can never be taken away from me and never erazed.

The reason council avoided and failed to respond  was I informed by Andy Batsford in 2014 that Hastings Council and the Labour Party had a meeting and decided never to come out to No 8 St Helens Rd, no matter what and no matter who got harmed.  Even though I made clear there were elderly, children and babies harmed due to the conditions.

I have kept and recorded my experience and history and been recording and collecting the experiences of others. including harm to babies, collapsing ceilings in many of Hanlon and Oakfield managed properties. and the turning of the back and dismissal of council. This is not the only building where this has happened that is owned or managed by Hanlons of Oakfield.  There are many, and the harm and the dismissal and turning the back of Hastings council is also recorded.

I have recorded other tenants experiences in Hastings, including a widower in his 70s being offered accommodation if the landlord could have sex with him,  incidents of abuse and sexual harassment of learning needs, women, single mothers and even the children.  With the threat of homelessness and retaliatory eviction. Yet there is nothing anyone can do, and police say it is a tenant and landlord matter, not a police matter.

The incidence and vulnerability of landlord abuse and exploitation of tenants is historic. And a old fisherman owning his own fishing vessel in Hastings tells   landlords taking advantage of  of his single mother and him, and even of the landlord sexually taking advantage of him, threatening him with hurting his mother, exploiting him and selling his arse to others.  No rights, no justice, no access to justice.   This is Hastings, this is the history and experience and it goes on.
I have recorded and photographed and kept copies of documentation. Of my experience, disrepair, surveyors reports, electrician reports and the whole sorry episode and history which went on for over ten years with me. Living in fear, in very unsafe accommodation and in extreme ill health, including mental health because of the whole way I lived.
I still live in ill health and do not go out due to the assaults and abuse on women, disabled and older people.

But last time I did, and went to West Hill to walk my dog when it was quiet I got some Labourite Youth jab me in the face and another late 50s gentleman shouting


Both thieved of our pensions by Labour and living poor awful lives.

You can say what you like about me. what I said and have written is true and backed up.

I do not think any of us should be told we should be ashamed of ourselves. And certainly not shouted at by youth, the vandalism and graffiti is bad enough.

Its really awful Labour Youth shouting SHAME ON YOU to older people and people and jabbing in the face who have worked and contributed all their lives and now struggle and lost because of government decisions,  It is not a real Vote Catcher.

I think Hastings Council and MPs should go and check the insides of buildings, not just the outsides. There are collapsing floors, falling ceilings, rot, mold and disintegrating walls. Many are unfit and unsafe to live in. That should surely be the priority, not the outside.  And the landlords and property owners tell us we have no rights, they can do anything they want and going to council, MPs or court is clearly a waste of time.

You have left us in horror, abuse, threat and unfit buildings and homes and destroyed all confidence in coming to you, or we end up homless, evicted and then abused on the streets.

While going through court case 2012, and avoiding retaliatory eviction  a fellow woman aged 58 losing home through sanctions was raped 4 times as a homeless person and sent me a picture of where she was living and sleeping, It was a picture of a railway bridge cutting.
Please do something about 84 St Helens Rd, and my elderly neighbour.  It is no good asking us to come to you, you failed us for many years and made us live in fear and distress and unfit accommodation.

The Hanlons and Roost are not good property developers or landlords, they are serial entreprenuer business insolvents, with business liquidators saying their contractors and creditors including staff and workmen of previous businesses would not be paid.   In fact it was a wonder the Tax man got paid what he was due.

They have a very low credit rating. Yet buy property, leave it for years, not developed and not occupied.  They bought the Palace Court complex in 2013. a Grade II listed building. Which as you see has still not been developed. The shops remain empty.  Their workmen say their  work is substandard and would not pass British Building regulations and standards.  Their homes are death traps and unfit.

How long are you going to protect these charlatons and keep people living in unfit properties while historic properties in Hastings disintegrate?

Many people have been made ill by living in their properties, including all the students in  their student property in Priory Ave.

I am much distressed and angry, that again I hear of my poor neighbour living in unfit property for additional years after I left and now with ceiling fallen down and a home on the couch.
I want you to realise just how much fear and distress has been added to that, in order to keep having somewhere to live.

Please do something. I have done everything right and involved council just to be let down and as they say Hanlon and Oakfield say to tenants : “WE ASSURE YOU, WE CAN DO WHAT WE LIKE TO ANYBODY AND ANY TENANT AND GET AWAY WITH IT.”

I do not care what talents and services they have got.  They are not an asset to this town, its residents or its people.

Please do something.  It really upsets me, and you really cut off any belief and confidence in you.
All information, history and documents are on line and are accessible to the public or any journalist or media.
Got Private Eye interested and other journalists when I think of starting to continue my story and the example and stories of other tenants again.
The landlords got the tenants to sign pre written statements saying they had no disrepair problems under promise and threat in 2013.  After they did and they were presented at court, the landlord immediately removed all repair work and called all his men off.    The tenants then complained to me of the disrepair and dangerous state of 84. I did say it was there decision to sign those letters, but they said they were under serious threat to them and their children and the way they lived.

can only record this, the house itself its its own witness to the truth of what I say and the lies and behaviour of landlords and property managers.

Please try and help and intervene.  You closed the Hazardous Building Order and I have a copy of that and the council closing my complaint. And it is all online.

I have been too tired and too ill to continue this as under great threat myself, But I will do on behalf of my dear beloved neighbour.
I believe the value and state of property in Hastings is everyone’s interest and the upkeep of its standards of historic beauty an architecture.  It is for all parties and all councillors and MPs to come together to stamp out rogue landlords and property owners and bogus property developers.
A good way would  be to fine and insist on reclaiming the public money in Housing Benefit which is paid to them to keep vulnerable tenants in unsafe property.  Get money back to public coffers, give them a kick in the pants.
June Knight

Sent to:

Cllr Peter Chowney <cllr.peter.chowney@hastings.gov.uk>,cllr.andy.batsford@hastings.gov.uk <cllr.andy.batsford@hastings.gov.uk>, Amber Rudd MP <amber.rudd.mp@parliament.gov.uk>,a.mber@amberrudd.co.uk <a.mber@amberrudd.co.uk>,Amber Rudd <amber@amberrudd.co.uk>, Marie Connolly <mconnolly@hastings.gov.uk>, Kevin Boorman <kboorman@hastings.gov.uk>, Terri Dowling <cllr.terri.dowling@hastings.gov.uk>, Andrew Cartwright <andrew.cartwright1@homecall.co.uk>, Trevor Webb <cllr.trevor.webb@hastings.gov.uk>, Andrew Cartwright <cartwright@candrew501.orangehome.co.uk> Hide
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