20. 04. 2014

On the Steps. Does Mr Daniel Hanlon have a Portrait in the Attic?

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19. 03. 2014


It is now January 2016. A 2 day trial against my landlord is booked on 5th/6th April this year in Eastbourne Court Under Judge Robinson  I still have no representation, or advocacy or...

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12. 03. 2014

Wall Disintegrates and Collapses in children’s room. Exposing Beams that are Rot from Top to Bottom, of House. Hastings council closed order to repair on.

Recently, the wall in the little girl’s bedroom upstairs collapsed. It was totally disintegrated. Anyone could push their finger through and move their finger from top to bottom and the plaster was just...

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03. 03. 2014

Auction Recession Antics: Hanlons Put Up and Then Buy Own Property Back at Auction

It has been said that Hanlons have curious habits. They take years developing a property with no tenants in and a complete void for several years. They ommitt and avoid essential repairs in...

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21. 02. 2014

Hastings Council Say No84 is Known as Dangerous Property. Refuse tenant bond deposit. Yet withdraw and close repair order on house to landlord.

I am absolutely furious that the council have played cat and mouse, and have risked health and safety of tenants in the building,including children and elderly while closing down the repair order on...

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11. 02. 2014

Oakfield/Hanlon Tenant’s Will Be Allowed toLeave If They Pay Us Extra £1000. Money which is not owed. This is EXTORTION!

I found out the other say that a tenant who wishes to leave a substandard and dangerous property of Hanlon and Oakfield P.M. management was been told, they will be “allowed to leave”...

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10. 02. 2014

Hanlon and Roost Business Liquidated 2011. But P Hanlon will carry on insolvent company under Roost People Ltd

Roost Group, Property Management of 27 Grand Parade, St Leonards on Sea.TN37 6DN has been liquidated due to Corporate Insolvency in 2011. THE ROOST GROUP LIMITED (Company Number 05384222) Compass House, 45 Gildredge Road,...

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19. 12. 2013


Well that is what the newspaper headline said. But it only meant I had been made to transfer the domain name oakfieldproperty,org.uk.  But can keep website and everything on it as true, not...

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02. 12. 2013

Hanlon & Business Don’t Pay. Wont Pay. Can’t Pay. Employees, Contractors, Legal Requirements or Liquidation Costs

Bad Landlords do not just take tenant’s money without giving good adequate  accommodation and fail to respond to disrepair, even that which is dangerous and potentially fatal. They also, do not pay employees,...

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01. 12. 2013

A Hanlon and Oakfield Elderly Tenant Left without Heating During Cold Spell which saw over 31,000 Old People Die of Cold Related Diseases

  BETWEEN CHRISTMAS 2012 – MARCH 2013 OVER 31,000 PEOPLE DIED OF COLD RELATED ILLNESSES. THE MAJORITY ELDERLY PEOPLE OVER 80 yrs OLD During this time, my landlords Daniel and Patrick Hanlon continued...

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