A Landlord’s Nightmare Tale – "Oakfield couldn’t care less"

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Reviewed by Clark on 30th March 2013

We bought a block of 10 flats from Auction 15th March 2011, as Oakfield we manage it , we continued to use them and signed 2 years management contract. It became a nightmare !

1. When I called 999 July 2012 regarding empty flat 4, front door had been smashed , I was only been told by 999 police contact centre it had been reported the day before by flat above and the OAKFIELD WAS informed 11am the very same day , but Oakfield had not bother to call us at all .( the email was then arrived after I had called Oakfield and questioned if they knew it more than 24 hours before I found out )

Similar things had also happened February 2012 , three windows and a door had been smashed , police were called during office hours , OAKFIELD only send an EMAIL around 10:30am to let us know , by the time we open email was 6-7 pm , the next day builder went to office to pick up keys – guess what ??? Oakfield couldn’t find it , builder had to calming through the BROKEN window to open the door ! ( extra charge !!!!! thanks to Oakfield couldn’t find the key ! On purpose?)


2. Flat 7 Antony T disappeared between August – October 2012 , as they never inspect the building , I had to keep an
eye on the building -his door was damaged and locker had beed changed twice ( I did send photos to Oakfield ) despite his three month in arrears , Oakfield couldn’t careless to check if he was still there or contact him !
, when I asked Oakfield to find out if anyone and who is using the flat Oakfield answer : We called his girlfriend ( who????) SHE said Antony is still there ! I had to call locksmith to break in and clearly showed there was no resident, no cloth , no bed , our fridge had been taken , oven been kicked and without electric plug , bathroom door smashed ….

3. We are not happy for references checking before tenants move in – and once they move in you don’t care if they pay the rent or not because they just simply take the money from other tenants rent !

Flat 4, Hannah P moved in 2011 , with violent history with police ..nonpayment habit , what did Oakfield do to get money from her ? Nothing

Flat 7. Antoni T History of challenge behaviour / mental issues / autism … nonpayment ( Spring / Summer 2012) , again Oakfield decided to call a “stranger “who is not on the tenancy agreement – this silly call just to confirm that Oakfield has the RIGHT to falsely charge me the ” management ” FEE ( from other tenants payment – easy was that ! )

Flat 6. Charlie P police issue .. Nonpayment ( Summer 2012 ) what did Oakfield do to get rent from him ? sending him a open note – Charlie please contact Oakfield on a post card in the public area !

Flat 1 Disappeared Summer 2012 , I had to break in to her flat to get proof Oakfield that she had gone !!!! to stop Oakfiel continue CHARGE me the ” management fee ” ( which was never any management )

It was such a easy way to make money out of our flats , as long as Oakfield get money , it doesn’t matter half of them were in arrears / (never paid . )or disappeared / vacant their flat because Oakfield took money in advance from other tenants , why bother ? !

4. Keys – where do I start?

Last November Southern Water need to do investigation , I went to office to SIGN my name to get key of flat 1, and went back to the building , it was WRONG key , I then called Oakfield to send keys by a taxi and I will pay for Taxi even it was YOUR fault , Oakfield refused because the key has to be signed , I was standing in the rain(with Southern Water needed to go for next appointment ) and tell Penny that I already “Signed “10 minutes ago , it was your fault given me the wrong key , Penny said there is nobody in the office with car so couldn’t help , I replied I will get my solicitor …..

Since December 2012 , I have been asking Oakfield where are the 3 Front Door registered keys from ex tenants ,- you are still looking as 27-03-13 Hannah told me. ( I wonder If it is fun to threw away the keys and give the landlord the bill ! )

There are so many unprofessional / non existing service from Oakfield. Above is just out of my head without even looking my records .

5. The unnecessary boilers service charge – we gave Oakfield 9 out of 10 flats Boiler certificates , 3 month later they ordered plumber to do it again and only informed us by email one day before , by the time we read email , it was too late – Oakfield took £600 from our account !
6. When do Oakfield inspect the building as they charge us 10% manangement fee ? Oakfield : as necessary
When ?? All the tenants said : Never

Oakfield couldn’t careless if tenant pays or not , as long as 2 out of 10 flats pays , they are covered as they take money in advance for 10 of them . Sometimes there is hardly any money for me with 10 flats all occupied !

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