Wall Disintegrates and Collapses in children’s room. Exposing Beams that are Rot from Top to Bottom, of House. Hastings council closed order to repair on.

On March 12, 2014 by admin
I am Not Safe in a Hanlon House.

I am Not Safe in a Hanlon House.

Recently, the wall in the little girl’s bedroom upstairs collapsed. It was totally disintegrated. Anyone could push their finger through and move their finger from top to bottom and the plaster was just like damp sand. When the wall was removed by landlord’s workmen to mend it exposed the central and main beams of the house to be totally rotten and soaked. The flat above is the flat at the top of the building. Water has been coming through for years, which means the whole building it rot, water damaged, decayed and electrics and wires will be affected as well. The beams at the top of the building rotten and soaking probably look like the beams at the bottom of the building, removed in Autumn 2012. I was getting the landlord to court. He suddenly had a repair conscience and spree.  The basement was absolutely rotten, with another young girl and father living there. 2 wall had to be taken completely down, the floor taken up and relaid and all walls taken apart, packed with water absorbent packing and re-plastered. The source of water had never been fixed. So now knowing the central beams at the top are rotten and must be all the way through, then it must be supposed the whole building it rot, water damaged and a hazard and environmental health risk to us all. THIS IS SOME OF THE ROTTEN BEAMS REMOVED FROM THE BASEMENT FLAT. 6″x6″ Beams Rotten Right Through. Hastings Council say They Do Not Care, and Will Not Be Visiting the Property and Remove All Orders to Repair it. Damp Wood 008 damp wood2 002 Damp Wood 006 I wonder if the council and environmental health will do something now they know. They cannot keep going on ignoring property destroyers such as rogue landlords or the health of Hastings tenants and voters. The business and property may have the money, but the vast majority of ordinary citizens have the vote. There has always been rain and water coming through the roof since Hanlons took over. Landlords use lousy, unqualified and under skilled workmen. They aim to cut costs and labour. But end up with an insufficient job and also, if you cut costs and underpay your workmen they will get you back some way in doing a lousy job, or one which will cost you or bring you trouble later. There has been a steady waterfall of water pouring down the outside of the rear wall for many years. Due to a guttering from next door ending at the wall, and literally pouring down, instead of down a pipe. There is also, according to a recent assessment after coming through the roof. We have black mold which is toxic, and mold mites by the millions. They get up your nose, in your hair and are not very nice to chew. Very tiny but you know when you have bitten them. The landlord paid for scaffolding and workmen when he first came to go up and do the roof. They were very careless and did not care about tenants or landlord. They destroyed tenant’s property and property in the garden thinking it was the landlords. I would suspect they did a rubbish job of the roof and that is why there is water coming through the roof as well now. He should get his money back, sue his contractors or go through insurance. But he wont do that. Never have done that. and I wonder why? No84 continues to have serious problems. Landlord gets away with it. Tenants are harassed and threatened if they bring problems up and are told they can leave if they cough up £1000. Whereas, in reality. If a property is unfit, the tenant is due a portion of the rent back for the part of the accommodation not safe and un-useable, and also for the whole period the tenant had to live like this. Small claims can be pursued while still being in the property or after if tenant is forced to move or leave. Small claims can still be taken by the common man. Bit of a palaver. But all things can be claimed back retrospectively. Yours J Knight Admin/Tenant.

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