Daniel and Patrick Hanlon Biggest Landlords and Business Owners in South East Taken to Court accused of being Rogue Landlords, Severe Harassment and Disability Hate Crime.

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Hastings County Court

Hastings County Court

Daniel and Patrick Hanlon famous directors and founder of Roost Property and Synergy Group (now both liquidated) have been taken to court by a lone woman disabled tenant for severe disrepair and gross harassment.

Daniel and Patrick Hanlon also boast an enormous property portfolio of over 400 properties in the South East.  They recently bought the enormous complex of the Palace Court on Hastings seafront for 1.6million pounds despite several of their companies already being in liquidation and declared insolvent due to corporate insolvency and books which do not add up.

Miss June Knight says that since the Hanlons took over the property in July 2007 they have been avoiding and denying disrepair while harassing and threatening her, and using her disability and distress against her.

Miss Knight says that due to a series of assaults and sexual abuse and harassment at work she became very ill and dropped out of work due to incapacity. Because of the lack of support and failure of the system she became further ill and incapacitated. The Hanlons and their management team at Oakfield P.M.  knew this and used it to their full advantage. Denying severe gross disrepair of several serious water and flooding incidents, dangerous electrics due to the water incidents for several years Miss Knight says they further caused her distress by referring to her trauma and distress and painted a clear picture that it would be worse on the streets as a disabled than staying put in their property and staying quiet about the disrepair.

Further to the disrepair and mental and emotional harassment against her disability Hanlon and Oakfield supported and promoted the right for their workmen to abuse her more. Her “Peace Garden” was smashed up and trashed by workmen throwing building debris in it. Garden tools, watering hose, ornaments and plants were smashed.  Miss Knight said that when ringing up to complain and make right Oakfield told her that they could take the garden off her, and the workmen could do what they like as it was a “communal garden.”  This ignoring the fact that it comes with the rental contract with the property, and therefore tenants are due peace and safety in the property and boundaries it includes, such as gardens.

Support services and social services failed as they clearly said that she had no rights as a disabled tenant. There was no one who would represent her due to her severe disability and distress. Landlords had rights over tenants as any tenant raising any concern could be immediately evicted.  Social services and GPs said it was not important the disrepair, unsafe home or harassment and abuse, The only thing wrong was that she was getting upset about it and a bit of relaxation therapy and medication would help her accept and live with the situation.

Miss Knight deteriorated further, lost hope. She became further incapacitated as stress made her completely unable to look after herself, be safe or do the slightest thing. She stopped trying and stopped looking after the garden or growing plants.

Miss Knight made a complaint and referral to Hastings Council, but they failed to respond except to order fire regulation work. The Hanlons told the council they had done the repair, therefore Hastings council closed the case.

In 2012 Miss Knight stood up to Mr Daniel Hanlon. She was very ill still and not able to stand up without disintegrating and wobbling. But Miss Knight stood up against them, even under threat and attempted to take them to court. She had to do this herself with gross incapacity. Again all legal firms and rights organisations failed and refused to help her due to her distress illness and disability.

It has taken a long time. Court has gone through the order to correct the disrepair. It is still not done with the house still suffering major flooding problems from the roof. This continues to affect building and tenants.  After another year of going through court proceedings Judge Lusty agreed to set it to trial for the claim and harassment.

Therefore, on 27th March 2014 Claim No 2YK54159 Knight vs Hanlon Tenant vs Landlord Disrepair and Harassment case will be at Hastings County Court for 3 hours starting at 12noon.

Miss Knight is stilling doing it on her own. She will be presenting her case and doing all the legal work. She says it is very important due to the right of all people to live in a house safely under safe people, and because of the harassment and use of her disability and situation to cause her stress further.  Miss Knight also says it is an important case study in present circumstances as there has been a denial of disabled getting access to justice and getting no representation due to disability. It is therefore important under Disability Discrimination Rights and under the pursuit of the overriding objective of British Justice and Common Law that everyone should have access to law and access to fair justice. This has been denied by the Hanlons and by the system and procedures of the British justice system.

It is even ever more important as in this current climate all Legal Aid and access to justice for common people has been taken away. As lawyers are not being paid to take normal people’s claims to court most lawyers have now directed not to take on any claims or cases by the common citizen, but only by firms, business and wealthy citizens who can pay.

This is a black day for British Justice and the small but simple case of Knight vs Hanlon just shows how bad it can get.

Miss Knight says that Mr Daniel Hanlon continued to mock her on many occasion during the court proceedings when eh defaulted on the court directions many times –  questioned her ability to get through due process and right to in law, because of the system.

Hastings County Court

Hastings County Court

Or to phrase his term “Documents? What Documents Miss Knight? There are no documents..” In response to the correct protocol request that the landlord hand over all documents pertaining to the property and disrepair.

Mr Daniel Hanlon and Mr Patrick Hanlon of have been serial entrepreneurs since the early 1990s. Both in property and in the city in insurance, recruitment and consultancy and contracts to public services and big name companies.  Yet they now sit on a pile of business which are liquidating and do not add up.

Roost Group – now dissolved and liquidated due to incorporate insolvency (read liquidators report here) – The report says that any unsecured creditor is likely not to be able to be paid, that many hundreds of thousands are owed to HMRC who has first right to any monies. It finishes by saying a report has been sent to Company House as to whether or not a director is fit or unfit to hold a directorship ever again.  Daniel Hanlon has not been a named director on any company for quite some years. It is his brother Patrick Hanlon who’s name is on all the companies. Although, it is Daniel who manages and directs. It is Daniel who turns up and visits property, tenants, courts, council offices and deals with the management of the company.  Sometimes it is difficult to ascertain who is who, and many get Daniel and Patrick mixed up. It is said they sometimes and often mix themselves up.

Daniel and Patrick where directors of Synergy Group and extensive recruitment company commanding multi-million contracts from public services and big city companies for many years. Attracting according to their own books 30-35million revenue per year. Yet, Synergy Group is also wrapped up and liquidated. See liquidators report here Saved momentarily by James Caan of Dragons Den, who took the name, and assets and staff, questioned the books and let Patrick Hanlon and his co-hort Keiran Ryan wrap up the whole sorry mess. Again with mega questions over its head.

One of the concerns raised by Caan at the meeting was the size of payments recorded as going to individual contractors. In court the previous day, Hanlon said that Caan had described these as “unusual transactions”. Ryan told the court that this led Caan to suggest that independent accountants be appointed to investigate.  

He told the court: “We are 100% comfortable that all those contractors are real.” Asked by barrister Tom Braithwaite, counsel for HCIG, why the pair did not follow through on Caan’s request, Ryan responded that the pair questioned Caan’s motives in making the suggestion. – See more at: http://www.recruiter.co.uk/news/2013/06/caans-hcig-and-synergy-directors-settle-out-of-court/#sthash.GmGMoR9x.dpuf

However, Daniel Hanlon and Oakfield P.M. their property management agents, – who are mates and past co-directors on many projects and companies – says that despite having over 400 properties, being an adviser and specialist in student accommodation and consultant to colleges and universities, and being in property for over 19 years that he has had no documentation or recording or report system when it comes to his properties and their disrepair. he just orders the disrepair – or does not. Pays for any repair, building costs, materials and labour without ever checking or recording the facts or invoices. If so the man is mad or incompetent, and needs to go to court and be committed for his own good. Unfortunately it is only a small claims court due to self-representation of claimant. Another application has been sent into court to request the court order the defendant to provide history of documents regarding communication and repair to the property. The disrepair protocol was ordered by court. Judge Lusty in November 2012 and  a repeat copy by Judge Parkes in January 2013. Although ordered by the court the defendant has refused and been allowed to do so ever since.

Daniel Hanlon (right) in Happier Times with Cherie Blair and David Field at Synergy Group(Recruitment) and the ground breaking top recruitment company Eden Brown.

Daniel Hanlon (right) in Happier Times with Cherie Blair and David Field at Synergy Group(Recruitment) and the ground breaking top recruitment company Eden Brown.

If anyone is interested, either as an example of law and the obstruction of the first “overriding objective” that is access to law and fair justice for all, whether it is because of an interest in Disability Rights and the refusal and prevention of disabled accessing law, any justice or representation due to clear rejection of lawyers to represent disabilities or disabled people, whether it is because of an interest in property management, bad landlords, bad property agents, tenancy rights and environmental health or civic duty of local councils to vulnerable and disabled, and to the safety of people due to poor property and hazardous dangerous environments, whether it is an interest in how MPs, Councillors and all representative fail, ignore and close a case and leave women, children, disabled and elderly in jeopardy. whether you are yourself a tenant who has suffered and especially a tenant of Oakfield Property, or the Hanlon brothers Daniel and Patrick, please get in contact, follow, and Be There…. This is not just for me, this affects all. We all have a right to safe property and a peaceful comfortable home against all elements, including rogue landlords and abusive property managers.   There is a law in England that says that tenants cannot raise property complaints or disrepair, or harassment or even personal and sexual harassment and assault against them or their children without risking an immediate eviction and homelessness. This puts everyone in jeopardy, and means even parents cannot

Patrick Hanlon Cute, Quick, Charming, Persuasive. Liquidated, Terminated, Investigated.

Patrick Hanlon
Cute, Quick, Charming, Persuasive. Liquidated, Terminated, Investigated.

uphold or support their children’s health in a poor environment, or elderly, disabled or any women or students.   In Scotland, the tenant is protected from vindictive retaliative eviction from landlords if a tenant raises a complaint or needs some repair doing it.   We need the law in this country to be changed to a similar law to that is Scotland.   And as Oakfield and Hanlon also involve and affect landlords, councils and others badly, it is of interest to us all to seek out and remove and ban from owning and running a property company or being a landlord if the person has been identified as a rogue landlord and serial abuser.  We all need to be involved in this, as HOME is the most important and precious place on earth.  Even the fox digs a burrow and a small bird builds a nest to be comfortable and safe.  Why cannot decent civilised citizens be safe in their own homes and have to compromise their health and their children’s health for the sake of the power of landlords and property managers. Property is not everything, In UK it is 9 tenths of the law. But property is important as people are important, and that is the main jist of the law, the rights and safety of the Common Man.   The most important place is “HOME” and it is the most important place to be safe and feel safe. Hanlons and Oakfield do not respect that and deny that for many of their tenants.




Yours Admin,
J Knight Tenant and Plaintive. Court Directions for 23/10/2013
Court Date for 27/03/2014 Court directions 23.10.13                               court letter 27.03.14

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  • Steven George

    I had a landlord who stole my identity, overcharged, the council helped him do it, by doing nothing, he then let me pay the council £6 thousand pounds for damage he did to a council property, when I moved into his, due to the changes in legal aid , no help , I had to pay it out of my benefit, disabled also. have long accepted we have to deal with our own stuff, no one is going to help.

    • admin

      Thank you. I appreciate your feedback. This is a problem and even bigger problem now we have no legal aid or access to any law or rights.

      Please get the information and law case round and try to expose this through the case. Has been pretty bad. I think it an example and test case.


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