14. 01. 2016

STUPID! Freemason Landlord (Grand Master) Pays £100,000s Contesting £5,000 Small Claims from Disabled Woman Tenant

The fact is that for the sake of saving money by avoiding disrepair and harassing and bullying tenants the landlord Daniel and Patrick Hanlon of Roost Group, Grand Parade, St Leonarsds on Sea...

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10. 01. 2016

I Slept on the Streets During My Father’s Death and Arranging Funeral

I had to wander and sleep on the streets on Manchester and in coach stations while going through my father’s death and managing his funeral. This was just last year in March 2015....

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19. 03. 2014


It is now January 2016. A 2 day trial against my landlord is booked on 5th/6th April this year in Eastbourne Court Under Judge Robinson  I still have no representation, or advocacy or...

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