STUPID! Freemason Landlord (Grand Master) Pays £100,000s Contesting £5,000 Small Claims from Disabled Woman Tenant

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The fact is that for the sake of saving money by avoiding disrepair and harassing and bullying tenants the landlord Daniel and Patrick Hanlon of Roost Group, Grand Parade, St Leonarsds on Sea have paid out £100,000s of pounds, lost property, lost businesses, become more and more insolvent and cannot pay bills or wages while trying to stay afloat and appear successful.  I only wanted to live safely in a safe home without fear. For nearly ten years I just wanted respect, recognition the repair to be done and adequate compensation, Instead I have suffered fear and intimidation in an unsafe house with the only option making myself homeless. And it has cost me thousands and ill health, while it cost the Grand Master Freemason landlord Daniel Hanlon 100,00os of pounds and property and business. This has to be addressed and stopped and a proper application of intervention and justice created.

Here is a table breaking down the incidents, the disrepair, court case

Hanlon vs Knight Cost of 84

I was always told by my mother said. I love you and will always stand by you. You must not be afraid to come to me, no matter what. Then we can sort it out. I may not agree with you and may tell you off. If you are to blame you must own up and face the cost. If you are guilty I will stand by you, but I wont cover up for you, I wont save you or lie for you. If you owe anything or fined I will not pay it or rescue you, That will teach you nothing. You will have to pay it yourself and I will help set up some repayment options. If I did everything for you, protected you, covered for you, lied for you and paid your bills, debts and fines that will teach you nothing.  Why cannot Freemasons do that instead of standing by and covering up for their members no matter what.

The Law is the Law, if it is not supported it will fulfil itself. Crime and rot will continue to flourish and everything will disintergrate.

The Law is Good, It is For Us. It is not a mystery or quantum physics it follows the rule. If you do not respond quickly and repair the problem will get worse and house will fall down and neighbours properties affected as well. You will affect those within it. You will lose the value and investment in the property.

At the beginning it was just a loose valve on a pipe from the water tank, costing a few pence. Instead, avoidance, denial,intimidation and threat meant the whole of the ceiling in the children’s bedroom in  upstairs flat fell down and flooded all the property and all floors. This caused severe flooding to my bathroom, through the light, down and soaking both side of bathroom walls until the plaster collapsed and folded. The walls and floor were so water soaked that it took 8-10 months for the walls to dry out enough to paint and decorate again, The ceiling in the bedroom never recovered and always had a dark wet patch despite 5 layers of paint coat. The flooring was so bad, that in 2013 when the landlord had to replace the floor covering, the floor cover expert said it was still affected and could affect the new floor covering, so had to further treat and put an additional layer down so water damage would not come up and affect the new layer of flooring.

The cost to me was several hundred pounds to get it repaired and redecorated 10 months later. I could not repair the collapsed and folded plaster. I suffered the threat that although flooded I would be evicted the minute I officially wrote my complaint down. I just had to suffer in misery and fear.

But it cost the landlord more in the end. As he had to repair. And from a small valve needing replacing or tightening, the upstairs flat ceiling had to be repaired and replaced and extensive water damage and flooding throughout.

In 2010, water again flooded the flat. A open water pipe where workmen had taken the bathroom fittings out upstairs and left the property for the weekend meant water was coming in for over 18 hrs.

Oakfield Property Management refused to come out. Again threatened with eviction, The water kept continuing, I called the fire brigade who made their way in and turned off the water upstairs.  They said it was an inappropriate call out as the landlord or property agent should have come out and seen to it.

However from being called out the fire brigade were concerned with the lack of fire regulations standards and no fire or smoke alarms anywhere, or safe escape routes.

Therefore, the fire brigade made referral and concerns to Hastings Council, Council came round, ordered lots of fire regulation works. The landlord continued to avoid and ignore for the next few years.

But in the end the fire regulations compliance works cost him tens of thousands of pounds.

When I took the disrepair and harassment to court in 2012 the landlord decided to defend my claim. Despite the history, hard facts and evidence he was confident and arrogant that the system, freemason fraternity, his power and influence and network would support and protect him.

He paid for legal counsel, barrister, paying court costs of contesting the claim. He avoided the directed repair and we kept going to court. I on my own, or with an accompanying friend. He with his paid legal counsel or expensive central London based barrister.

I was orderd to do directions which came out of my DLA. I had to sack my support worker. They were so worried as they knew how bad I am that they gave their support for free for a little time, but that could not continue. The court made directions. These cost me money, hundreds and thousands. Then court would forget, ignore or dismiss its own directions. Costing me time and effort and money from a person with severe mental incapacity and disabilities and with severe mental distress and gross PTSD.

Yet Daniel Hanlon’s choice was to cost himself more and more.
At the second hearing, without hearing my case at all, the judge allocated the case a small claims case. That was just £5,000 in January 2013 increased to £10,000  April 2013.  When transered to   court in Eastbourne the judge allocated it to multi track because of the complexity. But even so, at this point I asked for £15,000 for the disrepair and harassment for over 7 years now, and it to be wrapped up. Instead, it continued and got worse, cost me and others health and money, time and effort. All my attempts at getting help, support or advocacy or help and support for my disability going through the court system came to nothing.

However, it continued to cost the landlord/defendant more, through his choice.

His barrister Robert Draper made a mistake and said that he could not contend my single expert survey and accepted his recommendations in full.  A £35 consultation with a freelance barrister informed me that the defendant had accepted the disrepair survey and there had in effect agreed to do it.

Now this was only an observational survey of just my own flat, the communal areas and the front, back and roof of the property.

The surveyor could not do any tests to test walls structure or dampness or take up floorboards and test for any severe damp, rot or fungus.

But the defendant had agreed to do it. So he had to do it, ordered by the court.

Yet again he dragged it out, closed it, told court it was done when it was not. And made it as distressful and uncomfortable for me as possible.

I suggested and even his property manager Mark Youngman and his workers agreed, it would be better coming in and out over a few days and flash hit the whole of the flat in a splurge and get one room be done each day than stretch it out over weeks.

I had to move furniture, pile it on the bed and sleep on the floor and couch. Then vacate the property, my home for most of the day.

The affect on my health and distress was explained.

Hearing this, Daniel Hanlon decided to do the repair over several weeks. I was exhausted. Under incredible stress. During that time Daniel Hanlon intimated he would include blaming my bunny Porridge. He caused me tremendous distress. When I reverted into going into PTSD distress and trauma, screaming fits and found myself in the kitchen 3 times on middle of night in a fugue and with a knife and stanley knife to my throat and chest I knew I had to do something.

Porridge, and my previous pets and rabbits are “Suicide Stoppers.”  That is, when someone is stressed and got mental health problems it is advised to get a pet, The pet distracts the person from their feelings, thoughts and problems. It gives something else to do, care and focus on. The person gets something from giving and caring for the pet, and the pet in return gives love and affection to the mentally ill or disabled person.

But he had to go. As the mental intimidation and using Porridge as a mental threat and lever was too much.

So I had to get rid of him, and did so one morning. Took him in a taxi and took him to his end. Cost £50 but I did not have to worry about him any more or have it used against me. Mr Daniel Hanlon knows about how to use older women’s pets against them. He knows many women are so attached to their pet they will put up with anything and shut up about disrepair and harassment just in order to keep the pet, their only comfort and friend.  Yes Daniel Hanlon knew how to use that. But I was brought up that people come first and like an old western where the baddies threatens the good guy’s wife and kids I took care of my love Porridge so that Mr Hanlon, the bad guy could not use him against me any more, and I could turn round, come back and still try and keep going and try bringing to everyone’s notice what a rotter, bad businessman and incompetent property owner he and his brother are.

Still Sad.

Friends are friends and sometimes pets are the only close love and comfort in a person’s  life.

The painting and carpeting of flat throughout and new kitchen units plus the manpower over several weeks must have again cost him into the £10,000s.

He had to do the whole of the front of the house repair the rendering, cracks and severe damage and staining.

It continued and continued and continued. I raised it with the council but the landlord closed the case saying the repair had been done. The council believed him. I did not know. Just lived in a water damaged unsafe property with no understanding why it was not resolved.

When it got to court and court ordered the disrepair, he again said yes and smiled at the judges, then did the opposite, started, and did very little until court back turned a few weeks on and he stopped.

He said he had done things in court he never had, he said he had intention of doing things to the judge, he never did. It took a year and then being in front of the same judge Lusty that she realised and said Why are we are year on and nowhere forward and arguing same things about the disrepair, She at last realised, accepted it was more than disrepair and moved it to being a court trial.

And then he prevaricated, he got sent to Eastbourne and the same tricks started and continued, The senior judge has seen the defendant on his own for more than an hour and half private consultation before the hearings. This has been totally unfair and biased.

He is not the best, he and his brother are the worse, just good sales people and charmers and know how to look smart and play the game.



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