RIGHTS SOMETIMES GO WRONG. No 84 : Me, Rights, No Rights and Advice Services

On September 2, 2013 by admin

<p>USE OF CAB 2007 -2008<br />
I worked at CAB and was qualified adviser. Still I was too weak, in shock and ill to do it and advocate for myself.</p>
<p>After my accident, I got in contact with CAB so they could advocate for me. I really was very ill and worn down. However, from a referral in September 2007. They did not get to see me until after Christmas in February 2008. I did without food, heating and lighting as I had no money for a long time as self employed and all that had happened still did not mean I was entitled to any benefits. So I sold my things and lay on the floor at Christmas 2007 and ate cold soup from a can.</p>
<p>CAB were very slow. I asked them to ask my landlord how much I owed as I knew I was getting behind and in bad debt. Eventually, CAB wrote to my landlord in April. They got a reply in June to say I was over £800 in arrears. This was hugely due to a mix up with the Housing Benefit. However, although CAB got this reply from my landlord agents Roost in June 2008. I did not get it sent to me until October 2008, with a question what did I wish to do with it and how would I like to respond. This is why I hate working with agencies and support and services. They have done nothing but harm and incompetence. </p>
<p>I took the management of handling the money, advocacy and rent back into my own hands. Even though gaga to one inch of a fruitbat. Still could do better.</p>
<p>However, due to my getting worse with my health and quite chronic I was helped by Hastings Advice and Representation Service to apply for DLA. I was so bad they insisted that I should be seen. I was seen in July 2008 and was awarded highest care DLA care component, and lowest mobility. From that I was awarded Income Support and Incapacity Benefit. I was able to hire a private home help and get someone in to help with jobs in home and garden and try to make something of my home. I was too ill to move or try anything else. I was financially secure and could sort out and pay back the rent due. But I was still bad having deteriorated in severe ill health. Mini strokes happened and fits, vomiting and convulsions. Just because of the huge amount of stress one on top of another. I was a mess and mush and I just had to live like that and get on with it. My landlord was happy to take advantage of it. Jeannie my private employed personal assistant. has supplied a recent witness statement, as she has been with me since that time and been there during much that is discussed here and what has happened.</p>
<p>This is not the first or last example and experience of incompetence of established rights, advocacy and advice services. This is all part of this tale. Where all things are straight forward things, Very easy to comprehend and know what is wanted, and yet let down and ruined everytime. </p>
<p>Xxx Aunty Admin</p>

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