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A simple disrepair and harassment and extensive disability abuse and discrimination over many years with threats and horror and I cannot do anything. And nobody else wants to do anything either.

SORRY, CAN’T HELP YOU. is the call after nearly ten years.

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There are No Rights, There is No Law. There is No Access to Sorting Out the Simplest Case. It all goes wrong and it all gets worse. Property falls down, Rogue Landlords and Abusers continue. Lives are lost. Businesses collapse.

The court have asked me to compile and agree a court bundle index fora  2 day trials in April to the standard of a qualified barrister. No help. The last lawyer charged me £75 to photocopy and print off a form. No help. No advice. No help in filling it. I have no advocacy and I have no help to get through this. All organisations and bodies say they don’t do legal or have any legal support service, They are just there to befriend and get alongside. That is no good. We need qualified, professional help to get and obtain our rights. We have no rights and thats the fact and no one will help or support us.

I have asked and suggested during this time of rights being taken away and legal aid removed that organisations, unions and solidarity set up a payment insurance system for people to take cases to court. I looked up. Court Fees and Litigation Insurance is offered to Businesses for just £25-27 per year. This is more than enough for a single person or member or tenants organisation, disability organisation or union to cover themselves for personal litigation, taking an employer or landlord to court or defending.

Why wont they do this? They said it was not what they were about, they were about coming alongside and supporting with banners and protests but not taking a case to or through court or helping with any legal services or help. It would be so much easier and cheaper.

Do not want befriending, or reassuring, solidarity or comradeship with totaly strangers. I just want to get it through court and get it sorted.

As a recognised severe disabled with severe mental impairment, high distress and complex compounded PTSD I should not be going through this or taking an important legal case of severe disrepair and disability harassment and terror over years by myself. But I am.

Any help I would be grateful for. Real informed legal help. This is an important case, it shows all that is wrong with the tenant/landlord legal system, the denial of disabled to accessing law and justice and the incompetence of the system to deal with a simple case and let the horror continue. In effect the courts and judges have been used as an extended arm in Disability Hate Crime.

Throughout I have had no rights and no advocacy and not the slightest support only offer of counselling and medication so I can accept my situation and help live with it. I don’t accept this value and viewpoint. In this modern world of Karma and no one is really wrong or held responsible most counselling, therapy and support does not accept the value of Right and Wrong, there is Good and Bad  or Law.  Everything is relative. No absolutes it is how the person or victim chooses to see it. The whole direction is to change the person’s viewpoint round so they can accept their situation by looking at it in another way.

There really is no rights or access to sorting something out quickly and simply. There is no law, just mess, chaos and prevarication.

The law is not there for rights and wrongs, people’s rights or law and justice. Lawyers are a business, so aim is income for the business and less work and hassle as possible. The Law and Courts are there about attracting and creating as much income as possible for the Crown. The is No Law, there is No Justice.

That is the fact for us all, It is all about process and accessing as much money as possible by lawyers and Her Majesty’s Courts

There is No Law, There is No Access to Law, The Law is not Interested in the Law or the Stability or Safety of its people or country. It is ineffect not interested in civilisation or keeping the fabric of society together. You are alone and there is no one out there to help you.  You are alone against the violent, the vile, the bully and the thug, against the abuser and sadistic whether they be in the playground, on the estate, in office, workplace or in government, establishment, system, beneficient organisation or gang.

The world and the country now uphold and respect the violent and the thug. Afterall, they are more powerful, look more impressive and seem to get things done. But to a cost, the destruction of society, the disintegration of community and civilisation and eventually like in the playground the dismantling of everything which is safe and keeps the country secure.

We are lost, and the thug wins.

I am alone, Please help. Don’t forget to share posts and website. Please let the everyone know and also defendant/landlord Daniel Hanlon of Roost 27 Grand Parade, St Leonards on Sea that you know and I am not alone. And NO. I don’t want counsellors or social services they are useless.

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