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BETWEEN 2007 – 2013 NO REPAIR. JUST CONSTANT DISREPAIR, DAMAGE AND WATER PROBLEMS.  Unsafe property due to disrepair due to damaged ceiling, which eventually fell down and damage to electrics causing cuts off several times a day. Oakfield and Hanlons informed by phone and letter. Ignored except to issue threats of eviction if I insisted to pursue it. Intimidation and threats and misuse of my female, vulnerable and severe distress and impairment disabled status. In fact, used it to its MAX!  Council, social services and all rights services and legal service asked to be involved. Ignored it, came and went but were persuaded by landlord he had done it, or failed and refused to act or represent me in regard to the disrepair and said  had no right or recall to justice. No rights to Freedom from Intimidation of Harassment, and No Right to Live in Safety and Peace in my flat. Could not go anywhere as told my only future was the streets if I walked out, and many others I knew ended up destitute, homeless and abused. I could not risk this, and a further horrible existence due to my distress and disability having been caused by violence, assault, sexual assault and intimidation and failure of police and services to intervene and make right and safe. The situation of the flat, just meant it reinforced on me the feeling and fact I could not nothing about my situation of being abused or intimidated.

It led to me further disintegrating and becoming suicidal and becoming a self harmer, rocking and just hitting myself in a corner and in bed, until in March 2012 my landlord knocked on the door with the council officer who had let me down and I had had enough and the worm turned.

Please see slides and imagine the distintegration of the person as well as the building.

Property Knoaks in Down and Out

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