Jean : OAKFIELD Charge People £150 to Just View Property.

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Alone. Females against landlords, property agents and predatory men. DWP and govt make women more vulnerable. But cutting them off all money and making them homeless.

Alone. Females against landlords, property agents and predatory men. DWP and govt make women more vulnerable. But cutting them off all money and making them homeless.

Oakfield charge £150 to just let people and prospective tenants “view” property. This includes unemployed, disabled, single mums, elderly and low waged working class. This is on top of the full months rent and a full month’s rent, or even more as deposit.

J – told me today, that she viewed a property by Oakfield. It was disgusting. It was a basement flat on Church Rd, St Leonards on Sea and there was green mould everywhere and under the sink where the washing machine should go. Oakfield said they would fix it once she had agreed to move in. J knew Oakfield’s reputation already and knew and suspected they would not. J told me the flat was disgusting, Clearly unihabitable, yet Oakfield showed people around and expected them to want to move in and come up with a £150 viewing fee on top of the month’s rent and hyped up deposit.

J asked about the viewing fee, and Oakfield told her they charged customers to view, whether or not they wanted the property or wanted to move in or not. J turned down the flat.

It is clear Oakfield takes advantage of the lower end of the property market and prospective tenants and likes to rip off and prey on the most needs and desperate.

J’s story is like many others.

J had a beautiful one bedroom flat. She had spent time and years on it to make it the home she wished for. J worked as a housekeeper, and that is what she had done all her life. Putting money aside and investing in her home to provide extras, comforts and little nicknacks.

J lost her housekeeping job when her employer moved on. Being over 40 J found it much more difficult to find employment in a market where most want young staff. J kept on looking and applying.

The coalition government came in, and decided that everyone needed to downgrade to smaller cheaper accommodation. This meant that over night, decent single women and mums with children were asked and demanded to give up their decent safe accommodation and downgrade to bedsits and property in worse areas and unsafe accommodation.

J had to leave her one bedroom flat, leave her furniture and belongings and move into a bedsit. The bedsit had no heating facilities


The government decided to cut her benefits to £35 per week, but insist she paid a top up of £15 per week rent. She also had to pay Council Tax out of it. As a result she could not even afford food or basic heating, light or cooking. And live in a dank, dark, miserable flat which was substandard and unhealthy.

and no cooking facilities, It did not have any hot water, and the only water was cold, as well as the water that ran down the walls. As it was severe, damp damaged and water soaked. The wallpaper was peeling off the walls and the bed and mattress was damp, mouldy and suspected full of live things that bit.

J looked for work.

She became ill, but because she became ill the government, decided to cut her benefits completely. For being ill and not being able to attend interviews and work capability sessions. Where literally, she just did C.V. courses and everyone just looked at computers all day long, looking for jobs. But when they found a job and applied and got an interview, the DWP and Work Programme provider would refuse to help or pay the transport costs. They would promise the transport costs right up to the last minute when the person was supposed to be getting on the bus or train, and then refuse. The person could not get to the interview. But the DWP and Work Programme provider such as A4e, Avanta and G4S would then put it down that she had refused to attend interview and cut her off all her benefits.

Ill, sick and in despair and now homeless J sort help by sleeping on someone’s couch. But like many couch and floor offers it came with its own agenda, and J found she was expected to give sex in return. She kept having to try to bat the person and interests off. But she literally got into a physical fix and she had to leave and again become homeless.

Women, and single mums in hostels and bed and breakfasts with ex offenders, drug addicts, chronic alcoholics and ex rapits and child abusers are told the hostel is there for the ex offenders, not for them.

Women, and single mums in hostels and bed and breakfasts with ex offenders, drug addicts, chronic alcoholics and ex rapits and child abusers are told the hostel is there for the ex offenders, not for them.

After this, she moved to Dover and got a place in a Hostel. But the hostel was meant for alcoholics, drug addicts, chronic homeless and ex offenders including rapists and child sex offenders. The other residents openly offended her, and abused her calling her “Bitch” “Cow” “Slag” and offering and forcing vile sexual overtures, pressing up against her in the corridor or knocking on her door at night, or she even found them in her room and even trying to get into her bed.

But when she complained to the hostel management, she was told that they were there primarily for the ex offenders, drug addicts and chronic alcoholics, and were not there for her. So if she did not like it, she had the choice to FUCK OFF and leave.

J stuck it out as much as possible, but eventually had to leave and make herself homeless again. But as she had made herself homeless again through her own choice, she had no right to rehousing or help. So she again went back to homlessness and couch surfing.

She got another place. But had to pay £500 deposit, on top of rent for a month and another strange fee. She moved into an empty, unfurnished flat. There as nothing, but she had walls, and roof and warmth and security. She had no furniture or way of cooking or heating. She literally lived on the floor and slept on the floor.

u-have-no-controlThen again, the government and DWP decided to mess her about again. Due to being off ill due to the bad flu epidemics which go around J found again that the DWP cut her off from all money. Therefore, again she lost her home and became homeless. That is how she is now, and like many property managers and landlords such as Oakfield and Daniel and Patrick Hanlon, she never got her money or deposit back. £750 + rent scrimped and saved and borrowed by living on the streets and being abused and sexually abused, to get four walls, a floor, a ceiling and safety. And again within months she lost the lot

She is now, again homeless, and has been ever since. She has no employment, although she searches and attends the work programme places every day. There is no interest and is no pity. They still again only remind her that they can continue to threaten her and take whatever money she has, street money, if she does not comply and fails in any way.

J is in a hopeless situation, an abysmal and horrendous situation, and all J and others have is Oakfield and the like preying on them and trying to charge poor desperate people £150 just to view property.

I am sure the fee is ill advised if not illegal. I certainly will be raising it.


I will be reminding you at this moment, that during my illness and severe Post Traumatic Stress and severe impairment after abuse and assault and disintegration Oakfield Property and Hanlon’s promised one thing: If I raised or continued to raise the disrepair, the unsafety of the flat and the abusive nature of themselves and their workmen to me as a female abuse victim and disabled, that they would instantly evict me, and I would be a female abuse victim and gross disabled on the streets where I would further suffers abuse,and assault and even rape and being set on fire with petrol and lighters. As what happens to many homeless.

This is my fate under Oakfield and Hanlons since 2007 – Present, and continues for many. There is one thing for sure. OAKFIELD IS WICKED! and my Landlords knowing and being part and directing it are fully wicked, evil and sadistic too. This is the world that we live in, LET’S CHANGE IT!


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