NEW TESTIMONY: open manhole covers seething the smell of sewage,broke into my property took my remaining furniture and apparently ‘burnt’ it.

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Environmental Health, Housing Renewal Dept, Kevin Boorman, Marie Connolly, Stephen Maguire Richards, Peter Parnell Failed and refused to help in regard to the severe water damage, disrepair and harassment. They kept closing the case everytime I opened it as landlord persuaded them he had carried out the repair. To date, nobody is responsible and nobody did anything wrong.  Got another letter today 11/09/13 saying the same.


Witness “G”

Message Left after media coverage of oakfieldproperty.org.uk NOMINET challenge By Neil Newstead. Director of Oakfield, who felt we were destroying his reputation and putting off customers with the truth. It has since been revealed that Oakfield P.M. has such a bad reputation they hire other property agents and estate agents to advertise and manage the initial attraction and contract to tenants.Once tenant is signed, they are then told that the cover agent is not the property owner or manager, but Oakfield is, and their contract is with them from then on. Is Oakfield reputation so bad, they know many will not take contracts and property from them that they have to pay for someone to cover for them until they get the binding contract signed.

Here is one past tenant’s statement:

Oakfield are straight out scum, I lived till recently in one of there disgraceful properties. No hot water, no working shower, both saniflow systems broken, no working entrance system, no working fire alarm, open manhole covers seething the smell of sewedge, the electric key meter in another building, with no given accsess. The list goes on, ontop of all these problems they tried to hike my rent up from its already extortionate price, evict me for not agreeing to pay admin fees to PUT MY RENT UP, and then break into my property before the lease ended, without permission, or even receiving the keys back, take my remaing furniture and apperntly ‘burnt’ it.

sewerThe police and estate agents in this town have two things in common. They are both puppets and they are all scum

Police say this is OK, and only problem and offence is if you insult them.


Not my words or experience, But mine is bad enough. The behaviour and character remains the same.

Xxx Aunty Admin


no help

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