TAKE THAT WEBSITE DOWN! Challenge from Neil Newstead, Oakfield Director

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T: “NO!!”
T: “YES!”


BAD PROPERTY MANAGEMENT has received a letter (see below)  from Nominet informing me that Neil Newstead  Director of Oakfield Property Management has complained and made an appeal to them to remove the website and transfer the domain name to him.

HERE IS HIS ARGUMENT  in pdf so others can read.NOMINET-Complaint-D00013335.pdf

I will be getting my argument ready tomorrow…….But there is still some time to go, as NOMINET has given me to the 15th October 2013 to respond. That is a long time……for information, communication, intelligence networking an online global sharing.

I feel a creative streak coming on. Call it Occupational Therapy to aid my recovery.

Anyway, not new, and been here before.







While I was ill and you were beating me up by denying basic safety and wellbeing and mentally and emotionally disintegrating me to a mushkin marshmallow, at my worse  I took on the Atos Origin attack on disabled, the government cuts and a few hacks, attacks, rogue website builders, philshers and a host of horrible lefties and the fight and effort nearly killed me, but instead it go me better. It gave me my brains, my balls (I’d check yours..) and won by taking the bastards on.  Beat a rogue webmaster and hacker and took all of his 30 websites down. Totally legally.

Atos Origin gave me 2 Legal Challenges by their top notch, headhunted Barrister James Loughrey. Even though I knew I could not stand up and defend myself and defeat them in court as too ill. I defeated them on the web, and got mentioned in press: 


Welcome to the After Atos “Aunty”  –  Neil.




atos stocks 2011 April - July crash

atos stocks 2011 April – July crash

It was me, who took Atos down from 38.38 to 29 points between April and July 2011. Just by fair means and a bit foul. But all totally legal. For some strange reason my pc was taken out 2 days before Atos was due merger and an acquisition with Siemens. Norton said they had never seen a pc so hacked and trashed and new IT viruses and weapons they had never seen before, 10 new ones were added to the book that were never seen or known about before. 2 days later Atos had their price up to 38.38 to enable merger. But Baby, it cost.  quite a few billion they had to borrow and assets sold and buy back promise notes dealt. And it was just by being honest. Atos origin lost to a massive – 135 billion in 2008 crash, and the crawled back up to – 15 billion. (How can anyone think in those numbers!)  But I think I took them back quite a bit down in a short period in 2011, just by being honest. And as you know Atos is losing their contracts with govt, and so have A4e.  So Hey!! with a few wins and feel a bit better I have a little more time on my hands.

You have no idea. But I learnt and i won. and still doing and still carrying on.  And have a following of 100,000s over all the world and UK.

And Defamation is only Defamation if it is not true. And its a Civil Offence, so cannot get me arrested as your complaint and/or civil complaint goes on. And website stays up.

Its all been hard work. And that does not include all the incredible disability problems with my illness and distress and your misuse and targeting of it. PTSD with Severe Mental Impairment.  But Hey!!  I’m still here. I may shake in @eat in the park when being bullied over the phone, and go home and be sick and weepy.I may fall down and pass out, got into fits and be incredibly ill.  But I will still get up,  stand up and  take you down whilst still shaking.


Xxx Aunty – Always.


AFTER ATOS  Just under 9,000 visitors in last 30 Days






After Atos visitors map Just in the last 30 days. The Aunty is Here to Stay

After Atos visitors map
Just in the last 30 days.
The Aunty is Here to Stay










After Atos visitors map Last 100 Days (29/09/23)

After Atos visitors map Last 100 Days (29/09/23)














AFTER ATOS – UK MAP ONLY Just for last few months



After Atos UK Map over Last 3 months.  Taken today 23/09/23

After Atos UK Map over Last 3 months.
Taken today 23/09/23













After AtosMembership/ Users -  40,200+

After AtosMembership/ Users – 40,200+

So looking for similar success on this site. 300 visitors in one day in a few hours. Not bad, Must try better.


Xxx Aunty – Always

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