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<p>According to his own profile and the files of the online Companies of the Uk register Mr Hanlon is the director or owner of several companies and interests, as well as keep updated his profile to say he is the property owner of over 400 properties. He says he specialises in student accomodation, and his management and consultancy includes the care industry. But who could ever wish to put themselves into his hands? His practices and his manner says his intentions and practice of all his businesses needs to be thoroughly looked into. </p>

You can find information about any director or company on Company Director Check <a href=”http://www.directorsintheuk.co.uk/company-director/307204/PATRICK+HANLON” target=”_blank”>Companies in the UK</a> or <a href=”http://www.directorsintheuk.co.uk/company-director/307204/PATRICK+HANLON” target=”_blank”>Companies in the Uk.</a>

Here is what it says about Patrick Hanlon: From website: Company Check at http://companycheck.co.uk/
Director Summary Director ID: 903532636
Director Overview
Short name Patrick Hanlon
Year of Birth: 1969
Patrick Hanlon holds 10 current appointment, has resigned from 7 companies and held appointments at 15 dissolved companies. Patrick began their first appointment at the age of 21 and their longest current appointment spans 15 years and 11 months at THE SYNERGY GROUP LIMITED.

And this is a list of his companies,<a href=”http://www.afteratos.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/PATRICK-HANLON-MULTIPLE-DIRECTORSHIPS.pdf” target=”_blank”>PATRICK HANLON MULTIPLE DIRECTORSHIPS</a> and some description of some of the current directorships which are going into liquidation and being wound up. And probably being investigated. But that does not stop him and his brother Daniel Hanlon from continuing to abuse and intimidate their vulnerable tenants. When recent asked to again accept the abusive vile Oakfield property manager and workers in, and I again objected and was in tears and fear and violently trembling and shaking from top to bottom, and begging Daniel Hanlon to use someone else. The threat was just that they would go to court and get an injunction, There has been no mercy and no recognition or respect for my need to be personally safe from anyone or court. Anyone can look up any director of company in Company Director Check <a href=”http://www.directorsintheuk.co.uk/company-director/307204/PATRICK+HANLON” target=”_blank”>Companies in the UK</a> or <a href=”http://www.directorsintheuk.co.uk/company-director/307204/PATRICK+HANLON” target=”_blank”>Companies in the UK</a>

<p> One of the people who surely must be ashamed of him and of what he has done must be the former heroine of the boys of Woolverstone Hall. The beloved woman who mothered them all and spent her life devoting herself to the welfare of children in inner London. What would she think?</p>
<p>Mr Hanlon has an impressive and priviledged education background. We have to wonder what education is so privileged and advanced and superior it teaches its young men to abuse and exploit others. Especially the disabled, elderly, children and women? There can be no avoidance and no denial, Mr Hanlon is a shame and disgrace to his revered background of a Woolverston Hall boy and gentleman. Is this the inheritance that Woolverston aimed to leave the nation? Abuse of disabled, elderly an children? and the exploitation of anyone who seeks to have a home and find peace and security. </p>

<img src=”http://www.afteratos.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/WoolvoThroughAvenue-300×224.jpg” alt=”Woolverston Hall School” width=”300″ height=”224″ class=”size-medium wp-image-2788″ /> Woolverston Hall School

<p>Woolverston Hall School is an impressive place. Taken over after the war by the The London Nautical School. The London Nautical School was founded in 1915, as a consequence of the official report into the loss of the Titanic. The primary aim of the school is “to educate and prepare pupils to meet the needs of society either at sea or in any other occupation where responsibility, attention to duty and regard for others are valued equally with academic and practical skills.” Mr Hanlon has certainly not honoured that. </p>

<img src=”http://www.afteratos.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/berners-1-300×224.jpg” alt=”Palladian ” width=”300″ height=”224″ class=”size-medium wp-image-2789″ /> Palladian

<p>I am not surprised that given the Georgian architecture of Woolverstone Hall (built in 1776 by William Berners) with its “Palladian” architecture that Mr Hanlon automatically has an immediate attraction to buying and acquiring building of a similar personality. My home, although built 100 years later in 1870s has palladian architecture and decorative period features.</p>

<img src=”http://www.afteratos.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Youtube-Folly-e1358456728496-300×218.jpg” alt=”Beautiful Plaster Work” width=”300″ height=”218″ class=”size-medium wp-image-2790″ /> Beautiful Plaster Work

<p> It must immediately remind him of his beloved Woolverston. But he is certainly not its defender or protector. For 140 years this building and its structure has been here. Minding its own business, Not doing anyone any harm. Within a few years the period features were on the floor and extensive structural

<img src=”http://www.afteratos.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Youtube-Folly2-300×223.jpg” alt=”Centre Ceiling Rose” width=”300″ height=”223″ class=”size-medium wp-image-2791″ /> Centre Ceiling Rose

damage within and without. All through water, negligence and bad workmanship. It remains so, because I am in the middle of a battle which started so simply and straightforwardly about water damage and bad workmanship and ended up abuse, threats, serious disrepair and negligence and blatant use and misuse of my vulnerable female status and serious disability which went from bad to worse, and from Mr Hanlon’s attitude and actions nearly killed me, caused me many dangerous accidents and certainly left me incapacitated in a home that was little more than a death trap.</p>
<p>There was only one clear message given to me. “There is always one thing worse than being a disabled person….That is being a “<em>homeless</em>” disabled person, The cruelty has been quite astounding. I think my landlord must be a psychopath. or a clear sociopath. There can be no other reason except the sadistic enjoyment of using his power and position and ability to threat over the vulnerable, elderly, disabled and children. </p>
<p>The man is MAD! and clearly needs exposing. Personally I would section him and throw away the key. The man needs serious exposing, serious investigation and putting in gaol. Not just for me, but for many others. </p>
<p> <img src=”http://www.afteratos.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/badlandlord1.jpg” alt=”Don&#039;t rent from Patrick Hanlon or Roost. They are now of a warning list for students for landlords likely to harass females students on their own.</p/>
</p><p></p>Xxx Aunty Admin

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    • admin

      No Lies

      And all supported. The court ordered the repair and council put a hazardous repair notice on it.

      Since ceilings have continued to fall down and structure disintegrate and not just at that property

      I am now out and in a property I can breath in.

      Roost Group was liquidated finally in July 2018 for Corporate Insolvency. Liquidator report said they owed over £600,000 in tax and creditors, contractors, suppliers, employees could probably not be expected to be paid.


      Insurance Synergy wrapped up after investigation where again the financials did not add up. And cost some the breakdown of their marriages.

      In the liquidation of Synergy Recruitment again for corporate insolvency and James Caan of Dragons Den fame bought the name and contact list over. James Caan questioned the books and suggested an independent auditor should look them over as they seemed odd. Ryan and Patrick Hanlon dimissed and refused this advice. Caan wrote that on taking over the company of Synergy Recruitment they found over 500 employees had not been paid. Some for nearly 18months.

      Caan had described these as “unusual transactions”. Ryan told the court that this led Caan to suggest that independent accountants be appointed to investigate.

      See article in recruiter. They did not settle out of court. Patrick Hanlon and Ryan did not get a penny, but realised the court case was giving them bad publicity


      Everything is supported. and the nastiness to tenants and others if they seem weak or less is well known and their nature.

      Terrible at the worst extent. Including my elderly very small neighbour who looked like the little old lady the The LadyKillers.
      As one of my earlier posts

      And their case against me was thrown out of court as everything was supported and everything regarding Neil Newstead as the CPS said they had no case.

      And all evidence pointed to that I was writing the truth absolutely all the time.

      They bought the Grade II listed building Palace Court in 2013. It is still rot on the outside and closed arcade of shops

      Tenants were evicted and moved out and building allowd to deteriorate.

      So that in 2015 rotten and disintegrated walls and ceilings was the scene and pictures on the inside during an episode of GhostChasers. This was the state since the Hanlons and Breathe Developments took over. Money going through the building like water but not touching it or fixing it. Roof is still leaking and water still coming in in a Grade II listed building.

      It is because lenders realised they were serial corporate insolvents owning millions and people and lenders not paid then just moving on and restarting up Phoenix Companies that they decided to stop lending and Roost folded due to the supply of credit hiding the situation the Hanlons were in.

      Oh and I have said others. I pointed out one year that Goldmad Sachs had lost 75% of its profits but was still falsely encouraging people to invest before the final statement of the year to cushion their fall. I just encouraged people to look at the information already there.

      Probably saved a lot of people, but not anyone before or who were affected by their bad business and bad property management.

    • admin

      PS: Have you heard of Disability Discrimination and the misuse of any illness as an insult? Or does that not apply to you?
      Do you still use Mongoloid or Spaz or Retard or others as a suggested insult? You need educating in the disability discrimination legislation and the Equalities Act 2010.

      You are in the hospitality business. Should this be something your clients, employers and guests need to know?

      Could be seen as disability hate.

    • P.Chin

      Being a friend of theirs you would say that.

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