Landlord Issues an Eviction Notice. “Stop Pointing out the Fact that my Property is all Rot, Miss Knight.”

On April 26, 2014 by admin

eviction noticeMr Daniel Hanlon, with Mr Mark Youngman attached delivered a Section 21 notice of eviction and intention of repossession of the property.

This Sunday I Open House for a In-House, On-the Spot,STRIP-THE-HOUSE Clearance and Auction in order to save money to move and not end up in some grotty part of town or some bedsit. 14 years of building a home to lead to nothing.

This is because I keep raising the problem that the house and indewellers continue to experience and suffer property disrepair, disintegration due to water damage and damp and lack and loss of basic amenities. And when they do go you end you with no replacements for months, or years.

Mr Hanlon almost made out it was a kindness of his not to issue eviction notices on tenants and let them live in rot and squallor.

Strip the House Strip the house2Yes he can issue a Section 21 notice at any time, but as it is part of his threat and disrepair over the years, and he is doing this in middle of going through court then of course I must add this to the case.

But Mr Hanlon, and probably many landlords are possibly completely MAD!!

The completion of a Section 21 if it is contested can add up to £3000-5000. This does not include the weeks and months of excess time added, or cost of voids, redecoration, advertising. And in the case of No84 possible demolition of the whole house in order to fix it, as it is rot and damp from top to bottom. (which everyone is happy to ignore)

Mr Hanlon said quite clearly on the steps the week previously that he would never agree to settle, and I would not get a penny, except my deposit of £280. Given the amount of years, time of illness, abuse, threat and destruction of property this would never be enough and conceding is not an option.

But, as the claim is allocated at small claims which is less than £10,000 and when allocated was less than £5000.It amazes me that at every option and choice Mr Hanlon, my landlord has chosen the more difficult expensive route.

Has he not figured that yet, That every time, he chooses the “We-wont-give-you-a-penny” route and I am going to be incredibly nasty and horrible to you Miss Knight route it always costs him, and he loses and loses more?

After he got the small claims allocation – it cost him. After he was nasty and horrible on the steps of Hastings Court House – it cost him. When he was nasty and threatening to my bunny – it cost him. I might go down.I might become ill and be beaten to the ground.It might be that everything is on his side and none on mine, but it cost him.

Ever Had the Feeling?

Ever Had the Feeling?

And that is because despite everything the facts remained the same, the state and condition of the house remained the same, the madness of his way of running and managing business remained the same, and the people he employs and partners with remain the same. I am not talking about some of his excellent and dedicated workmen, but the one he chooses to employ in positions of power, authority and responsibility. They have always cost him. He has followed their advice and their weakness, and the spite of the immediate hit and vanquish has cost him.

Sometimes, when beaten on the ground and only way is up, the only way to equalise is look what rug they are standing on and PULL IT!!

Every choice he has made has cost him even more and undermined him while he is trying to harm and undermine me.

OK. Can someone tell him, that it is going to cost him more, and he is going to lose more.Or has he not figured that out yet?  And his failures will be so obvious no one can help not noticing them. They are damnable. And as he has involved others, they will not forgive him.

If you are open to a poorly over 50s woman, you are open to those much cleverer and wider than yourself.

Choose your position Mr Hanlon.  So far it has been a poor choice. Eviction and harassment will only cost you more. – By Your Own Hand.

See below for eviction notice. Notice change of use of address of Patrick and Daniel Hanlon Properties. and even Oakfield, No longer at 27 Grand Parade St Leonards on Sea, or Haig House, Hastings. A tiny spare room office at the back of beyond of an industrial estate. Could not get in a further corner.

Do you have the feeling your life is crumbling and disintegrating and becoming more and more limiting, and do you suddenly realise you have painted yourself back into your own corner? By Your Own Hand. But a bit of intelligence and ability of mine.



Section 21

4 Responses to “Landlord Issues an Eviction Notice. “Stop Pointing out the Fact that my Property is all Rot, Miss Knight.””

  • Roger

    Additionally, tenants residing in an unlicensed HMO cannot be issued with a Section 21 ‘notice seeking possession’ under the Housing Act 1988 to evict them from the property. This is an offence and landlords may be prosecuted in such cases.

  • Roger

    Not sure if my first comment registred on your site but re your landlord. they maybe using section 21 incorrectlyand have done so in the past. The section 21 notice cannot be used for flats which do not meet current building regs & are therefore considered to be an HMO and require registering as such.
    Enqire of Hastings council ( Iknow you have issues with them) ask for HMO licencing team. Hope this helps Good luck

  • Roger

    “Yes he can issue a Section 21 notice at any time” can he, you need to check this, a section 21 maybe illegal as it involves, potentially making false statements to the court. As mentioned above Your property may be an unlicenced HMO, have a look at link. & investigate further.

    • admin

      Roger. landlord did not register TDS correctly, part of court case, TDS directions say he cannot evict until that part has been sorted out. and in middle of court case. He issued notice, but I do not think he can afford court order or try it. Think he was bluffing and thought I did not know the difference.

      Just in middle of next round of judges directions which he continues to avoid, and be allowed to. Disrepair Protocol disclosure continues to be avoided.

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