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Mr K cannot be with us tonite and on this blog or any other blog within this of any of my websites. He does make his apologies. Sussex Police have asked me to remove or cover up Mr K. Due to Neil Newstead, Director of Oakfield Property Hastings, and South East objecting to him. SCAN20131120192115

Therefore have covered him up and removed the posts of his adventures. Including the one supporting testicular and prostate cancer month “Mr K Goes for  a Check-Up to Private section of posts and pages.

Also his little friend Testicules, the lone wandering bollock cannot be seen in his “The Further Adventures of Testicules”  An adventure in the vein of a Greek God and Hero Sword and Sandals Swashbuckling Tragedy, in the style of Ulysess.



SUPPORT A PRICK! Donate £1 to Men’s Month charity for testicular cancers and prostate cancers. And Defend Mr K, and the right for Him and every other Cartoon ****head to be part of British culture and British Satire. Hitler Only Have One Ball. Which is good, because if they had made a song about both of them, the song writer would probably have been sued.

wwMen calling other men “Dickheads” and Knobheads” and “Pricks” has been an inalienable right of every man since time immemorial, or time immoral. It is even said with a sense of Duty, Brotherly Love and Affection for the other man. It is the fond and affectionate duty of every man to pull the other man up, and make him stop what he is doing, for his own good, the good of his family, the good of his team or for the good of society as a whole.  The is no more serious duty taken on by all men, than the need to pull up another man, stop him from what he is doing, make him see right and become and better pillar of society.

To Support this Cause. POST A “KNOB” on your site or social media profile.  Name and Shame the Dickhead and Mr “K” in your life.  And donate £1 -£5 via a Paypal Button I will add soon as soon as I get out the library and home without being arrested. This which will all go to Men’s Health and Testicular and Prostate Cancer Charities and Medical Research. Or donate moeny direct to the charities. We are advancing well with male and local cancers. Lets do more.

imagesCAMMM976BAD PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   was created to highlight Bad Property Management, and Rogue Landlords such as the ones in my life Oakfield Property of Hastings and South East, and Patrick and Daniel Hanlon of Roost and Synergy Group (Both in liquidatrion due to Corporate Insolvency, mentioned in press and business Times with James Caan who took over Synergy Group.  Bad Property Management is interested in People’s Health and Welfare and the Right to Have a Home and Live in it Safely, without fear, threat or danger.  Neil Newstead of Oakfield Property has already tried to take the site down, by referring it to NOMINET and try and have the domain name transfered.

imagesCA5AHDDNIn MOVEMBER  BAD PROPERTY MANAGEMENT created a little cartoon character. Mr Neil Kn*****d. (He is now only to be referred to as Mr “K”  as a complaint has been brought against him and his creator accusing him of being of a “criminal nature.”  And proceeding wil be implemented, his creator arrested and interrogated and charged, and all images removed if he is ever seen again on this website, the creator’s blogs or social media.

Mr “K”  was to highlight the Dickheads in our life, and raise the problems of men’s choices and the problems they bring to themselves, others and their character. He was loving, kind and caring, and immediately attracted and great affection for him.  He was immediately very popular. His first adventure was to raise mens health awareness month, where he went to the doctors for a check-up. Totally anotomically correct, and a great visual help in raising awareness and need for men to have a check up at their doctors. The interest flooded in, and I hope men went to check their health as well as this site.

The right and practice of calling and drawing politicians, officials, local councillors, priests, popes and dodgy and corrupt business men as knobheads and penises has been through out the ages. The penis is the most prolific image drawn, scuptured and copied throughout the age. It is the only one Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo drew and scuptured, because they were not too keen on women.

So it was to do good, not bad.

On Wednesday I received an email direct from Sussex Hastings Police. I didn not open it or knew of it until Thursday early morning. Please see attached pdf of communication: With PC Toby Spires SCAN20131120192115[1]

davidIt seemed after some inquiry, that the only images objected to where the ones of Mr “K”. It seems that all the other images and information was not objected to and could not be, as it was true and in the public domain already.  It was just the images.

This is PC Toby Squires attachment sent to me. I cannot show it as it contains my images. But if you would like a copy For information purposes only I suppose it is OK to share it. In the interests of FOI, openness of police to public scrutiny and for legal, artistic and anatomically correct comment.  This is his communication and images. Send an email and plain covered internal envelope to june.knight@btinternet.com. 

I covered Mr “K” up in a Yashmack, and changed his visit to the doctors about his testicles (remember it is MOVEMBER month) to being one where he is called to have a check up on his Incredible Chin.  In this, instead of dropping a bollock, he now dropped a chin and became a “Chinless Wonder” But with the same message for men to go and have a check up and look after themselves and their wedding tackle.

When PC Spires got back on duty, he said it was still not acceptable.  And threatened me with criminal procedure and arrest.



I was removing the posts and images when I got another furious post from PC Spires now saying he would help and assist my estate agent Neil Newstead in a criminal prosecution and help to give him the amunition and reason to evict me. This is on top of all the abuse, disrepair and threat I have received from Oakfield and Hanlons using my female abuse victim status, my gross PTSD disorder and being very bad at one point with disintegration with symptoms and disabilities of strokes because of the distress. I was called and labelled Severe Mental Impairment and awarded top DLA carer and mobility – because of my fear of going out and men and further threat and attack, to the point of paralysing phobia.  Still not right. Getting better. But this does not help.

Also, throughout, the police, law and rights system supported the right for men to attack women and property managers and landlords to abuse tenants and ignore vital dangerous disrepair. So a bit “miffed.”  And it just compounds all my fears.  So it would be good to actually be able to do something about it.



I think, if men are allowed to attack women and children, assault and abuse disabled and victims, and allowed to withhold and withdraw all basic amenities to elderly such as heat and hot water and ability to cook in their own homes, under threat of eviction if they raise it and protest, the least we can be allowed to do is draw them and call them Dickheads or Mr “K”.  Pull a Few up. And help men check their testicular and prostate packages for cancer while we are doing it.

I rest my case and pass it over to to you. I place  my purpose in your hands.

Xxx Aunty Admin

Even women were traditionally taunted, as they are today. Except at least they were funny, which kind of excuses a lot of stuff. Make me laugh and I will forget you insulted me and All Shall Be Forgiven.

18th century France~Marie Antoinette was the subject of countless cruel, and sometimes pornographic, pamphlets throughout her reign. Pornography in eighteenth century France took the form of crude caricatures, colorful cartoons, and even sophisticated etchings and engravings.

Mr Punch was not an original cartoon or puppet for children. He was a very dark satirical puppet, made in Italy, lierally to call the Pope a CodPiece and say he looked and acted like a dick.

My favorite cartoonist, is Steve Bell and Martin Rowson. And both are irreverent to politicians, pricks and the pretencious of our society. Prime Minister David Cameron as a Penis in a Condom, and George Osborne as a sadomasochistic gimp.  But my favorite was when he turned them all into jelly fish and said the difference between jellyfish and puppies and kittens is that you cannot drown them.

There are some really good images.





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