I BELIEVE IN LAW – Even Though I Have Had No Experience of Access to Rights or Justice

On November 14, 2016 by admin

It is not easy for me to try and take this case to court and access law. I have had no experience of the law supporting my right and need for safety throughout my life. I have no experience and no example of the law ever delivering fairness or justice.  I have such no faith in British Law of protecting and supporting people, disabled, children, women and the everyday man and the most vulnerable, even decent businessmen that I decided never to have children and never to get married as the Law supported violence and brutality, and would never support the need people to be safe.  I have been in such despair that I gave up and lived as a cabbage without any belief and hope for years, as there is no right or access to justice and no right or ability to be safe.

I needed to be safe and have access to the right to be safe and justice but that has not happened.  I went to court because I needed protection. Protection by the law from my abuser and rogue landlord who had kept me in a position of fear and severe disrepair for years.

When I was born, men had

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