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Wide Boys Never Work

Wide Boys Never Work

I would like to suggest that Hanlon and Hanlon, Patrick and Daniel are not businessmen, or successful entrepreneurs in the true sense of the word, but “WIDEBOYS.”

What is a wideboy and why do I say this?

The wideboy comes from the traditional London cockney boy charmer, dealer and scam merchant. He flies by the seat of his pants, his wit and his charm and his quick brains.  He skims through life by learning the patter, fitting in, wearing the right clothes and adopting the right background and lingo to any culture. He is a chameleon. And he is very, very good. He flits through life and can appear like the most beautiful butterfly and the most charming intelligent man in the room. He is the one that women fall in love with, and cannot understand why as he is so perfect he is such a cad and bastard. This is easy, he is just shallow veneer. Just slick and shine. And the wide boy knows that most people are taken in, and happily taken in, by shallow slick and veneer. Because most people are happy with just what they see, and do not really want to look any closer, or look under the bonnet, under the man, or they may find something they do not like and have to question, and that will never do if you want a quiet life.  Might get vicious. Might turn and bite, or even “slice.”  And that is what most people know about the wide boy and salesman. Best keep it nice and friendly and hopefully come off OK. If you challenge then you will probably come off worse.

A “wideboy” does not do business, he just makes “deals.”

Now I have all respect for the lower working class lad. No one is usually going to give him a chance and he is not going to get anywhere unless he does it himself.  He has to make it on his own, or he never makes it. So in one respect, coming from that background myself and seeing all the troubles and seeing many a good man and good lad go under for the sake of social standing and prejudice I have all respects for the Hanlons and what they have done. But we had one law, and rule and that was the “Old School.” You did not pick on your own, and you did not pick on women, children, old people or disabled or mums. Old school said, you might be a bastard and a sharp shooter and player, but you keep that between business, between male on male stuff, even gang on gang stuff, but you did not pick on women, children or vulnerable. You were still expected to be the “man.”  You were expected to be the protector, defender and upholder of your own society. And you were expected to have loyalty.  “New school” says “stuff that.”  I am for myself, and no other man, person or purpose. I have no other responsibilities or loyalties except to myself. This is why the country and system and all in it, all the ethics and values and principles that kept it together are going down the pan. The wide boys have got into the system, into our economy, into our business and  politics, and into the very change of ethics that has been going on for the last few years and a few decades.  Think about yourself only, there is nothing else except the “I AM.” or as someone said “Do What You Wilt Is the Whole of the Law.” and the motto that all our modern society adopts. It does not lead to anything except mess and chaos, the disintegration of law and stability, the abuse of others and blatant riding roughshod over the poor and vulnerable just to get that extra penny and kudos, which is then lost in the next minute.

Patrick and Daniel Hanlon came from growing up as London inner city kids. They must have been wild boys, not just wide boys. Because for some reason, they both got picked up and picked out as exceptionally talented “troubled youth” and sent to a council owned and run exclusive boarding school for boys called Woolverston Hall, in Suffolk.

Woolverston Hall A Special School for Special Boys who are "Troubled Youth from London."

Woolverston Hall
A Special School for
Special Boys who are “Troubled Youth from London.”

For any boy to be sent here, never mind 2 from the same family, must have meant that they were seen as in danger of being a trouble to themselves and others and being drawn into a life of crime and the dark underground world of inner city London youth and criminality.  So lets get this right. the age of 10 and 11 Daniel and Patrick Hanlon were already recognized and identified as deviant little “sh*ts.” who were most likely to do harm and get into trouble.  There was another unfortunate term used at that time to describe disaffected youth and troublesome “special” and “challenging behaviour” children it was “maladjusted.” It is an ugly term and one I will not use. It described and prescribed a young person’s identity and place in life to others and authority, teacher and youth workers. And it is a damnable label the kids and young person would try and get off them ever since, and all through their adulthood, no matter how well or how successful they were or became. Every effort would be made to get away from this damnable label, and to be made to look to fit in and be successful. It was the spur and I suggest remains so. Pity they did not turn out and consider others the way they would like to be considered themselves.  They decided to exploit the vulnerable and socially disadvantaged instead of protecting them, and also decided to take on and attract big business and the “new economy” and the “new deals” everyone was throwing around, in order to desperately save this country and the economy that had been going down the drain and crashing since the changes in the early 80s.  So onto the band wagon comes the wide boys, specially educated and prmied to take on such a task. take advantage of all the economy and perks and ruin it and run it to the ground. Because Wideboys Don’t Do Business. Wide Boys Just Make Deals, and are only going for the money.

The idea and indulgence of the idea of helping and rescuing clever but disadvantaged and troubled youth was helped and supported by a wonder woman Juliette Thorberry, a woman who believed in investing and indulging in the support, protection and encouragement of others. Yet Patrick and Daniel Hanlon tell women and those who stand up for others to them, that they should not bother, and only think about themselves. They said that throwing the instinct of a woman to protect, support and defend the vulnerable, elderly, women, children and disabled was “throwing crap in their face.” or as Daniel said “Don’t throw that woman crap in my face.” Hmm!! Seem they gained from it, yet despise it in others. However, I shall ignore them and go on.

He is not interested in building and developing business, creating internal structures and business organisation. He is only interested in the money and getting it. He will not let go of it back, or spend it on securing buildings or business, or paying contractors or people. But for some reason always loses it. This probably follows another “wide boy” characteristic which they cannot stop. Whatever money comes in, goes out. “They were all wide boys, and only Mugs worked and saved money. All the wide boys were broke.” (Robert Westerby “Wide Boys Never Work” London Books 1937)

In the 80s Wide Boys got into the “City” all the “loads of money” opening the stock market and shares to the common person and common wide boy criminal oppotunist and chancer. He will ruin the country, business and the economy for his nano second gain or a couple of million for himself. He boomed and busted himself all through the economy and boomed and busted everyone else. Once dried up, stock market seen as unreliable and dodgy had to move on. Therefore, in the 90s, Wide Boys got into Business, discovering that anyone can set up a Limited Liability Partnership with just one or two people or a set of mates and others set up Entrepreneurial Syndicates which looked after each other and worked the system and business environment and culture. The business was accessing loans, grants, start-ups and mega Government and public service and private business contracts. ITS NOT BUSINESS IT’S JUST MONEY ACQUISITIONING.

It even has a new term, “Criminals Within the Law” That means they do not do anything wrong, or anything you can criminally get them on. They just use the system and what is there to rip off and cream off as much as they can get. No loyalty or commitment to anything. Hence the crashing of the economy, the destruction of whole countries and nations stability and why we are in the mess we are in. Chances, fly boys and wide boys. Unfortunately, we cannot stop them, we can only expose them, and question as to what they are doing do have some fraudulent and criminal element to it. Certainly, Hanlon and Hanlon do not add up.

Here is a Director Overview Patrick Hanlon from Company House. What a mess it is and how much is being liquidated and has been liquidated. Even within the last few months at least 3 have been liquidated and wrapped up. Yet they still go on, and still acquire and obtain money and investments. Wide Boys – They’s Good. But is is all slick and veneer.

Many companies, many bankrupt, liquidated and corporately insolvent companies, questionable disappearance of millions, unpaid staff wages, unpaid contractors, questionable payments going through the books, and yet they continue, re-emerging with another Phoenix company names and set up, and still being able to buy large properties to add to a large portfolio, and despite nil credit rating for Patrick Hanlon still persuade money and investment enough to take on and buy another 1.6 million property at auction.
It does not add up. It never does. Wide boys always look good, but never do. But they always look the charming, intelligent, eloquent rascals they ever were. I just wish someone would look into them more closely and close these rascals down. No wonder Daniel Hanlon is so skinny and miserable and never smiles probably sent to bed without his supper too many times.

But we do not need wide boys, we need good men and a stable economy. Wide boys never work, but they do ruin everything.


Boy and Brother

Wide Boys Never Work

Wide Boys Never Work


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