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Correction.It was the 16th of July when I was visited by the police.  Been in shock and terror since, Lost Track of Days.
Correction. It was the 16th when I was visited by the police at home. It has caused me so much terror and stress I have lost track of days. But Truth must be Told. This is how I and many others have lived and do live and what dictates and governs our towns.

Email of Outcome of Trial from my Court Appointed Barrister Madeleine Priestly of Bishop and Light Legal Services.

Outcome Case 47CC2072916 26th March 2018 Hastings Court.

Madeleine Priestley <Madeleine.Priestley@bishopandlight.co.uk>Thu, Mar 29, 2018, 9:40 AM
to me

Dear Ms Knight,

As you know the case was dismissed after the Prosecution offered no evidence.

The Prosecutor took the pragmatic view that the case had gone on long enough and there was no realistic prospect of conviction.

Hope this is clear. Any difficulty please contact the Court for further information.


Madeleine Priestley

END OF. CASE DISMISSED! The Crown Prosecution and the Judge said –
“The Complainant has No Case.”

I do and am severe PTSD victim and disabled due to violence and sexual assault and intimidation, So it all adds on and continues and exacerbates the distress.

It is just repeating the action of threatening me for merely stating and writing about the way I have had to live, under fear, and stress and severe disrepair for years. Then no access to justice and total inability to take a case to court and through court. Then on top being arrested for writing about it.

During, and through and after this harassment and living with severe disrepair in an unsafe property and going through the police court action against me I and other disabled and tenants have suffered further violence, and sexual assault and severe abuse and harassment. Yet can do nothing about it.

I have been punched several times and threatened with being raped and having my throat slit by a neighbour. I and a fellow disabled woman have had an attempted double rape. We had internal injuries and had to have examinations and internals and go through process to be told nothing can be done, Prosecution wont be taking it forward as they do not unless confident in an 80% chance of conviction, (Unless you are a lone disabled woman living on her own writing about harassment and threat and abuse as no access to law or justice)

In addition, we cannot get a legal aid assisted injunction against anyone who attacks or threatens us to stay away unless we cohabited with them or had been in a sexual relationship with them.

The violence, assaults and sexual assaults on vulnerable, women, children, elderly and disabled go up. In Hastings police drop 80% of cases made to them. And all have to live with no justice, no protection, no rights and the abuser can have access and approach them all the time as no chance of even getting an injunction.

That is the Truth of the matter.

There is no provision for an independent advocate to accompany disabled or vulnerable victims or witnesses to police interviews. And it is advised never to go into a police interview alone. Certainly, go in with somebody who knows the law and procedure of police interviewing and rights. Or the victim or witness will end up being charged and accused.

There is no such provision unless you are the accused and been arrested. Even if and when arrested the police will deny your right and need to an advocate or phoning a lawyer unless you ask and insist.

“We are just having a little talk, a little chat.” Don’t you believe it!!

I am very ill and prone to becoming very ill, distress and incapacitated under stress. In January I had complete facial paralysis on left side of face. It does not just affect look of face but affects vision, speech, hearing (everything sounds distorted and through a megaphone) eating, (cannot move that side of face even in mouth. Loss of taste. Everything tastes like metal. Affects cognitive abilities and coordination, and balance. Cannot smile, move mouth, or open and shut eyelid. I had to sleep with my hand over my eye pulling my eyelid shut with my finger.

Everyone still picks on you and is horrible. It takes 6 months to recover. I am still disadvantaged by it. But do not worry will have a policeman on my doorstep telling me I have to take down this website or I shall be pulled in for questioning and arrest again.

“We Will Get You.” was the last words of the policeman who came round on my doorstep last Tuesday in 16th July 2019.

Very sad and exhausted, distressed and ill.

But this site stays up because Neil Newstead LOST in his bid to take it down because it “upset” him. And lenders stopped lending to Hanlons and Roost because they looked into Company House and found they were serial insolvents where the liquidators said creditors could not expect to be repaid.

We are on the End of the Violent and the Vile, they rule us from above and below and the normal decent citizen has no chance.

Yours Sincerely

PS: My first experience and introduction to Freemasons was when I was a child. My mum worked in Yates as a temporary barmaid. A young girl prostitute who had been abused all her life took a client down a back street in Bolton, off Bradshawgate. When he went to touch her down there he inserted a razor blade on end of a piece of wood and razor fucked her. Causing horrendous internal injuries. She staggered to the Yates Pub to get help, they tried to stem the blood and got her help, called police and ambulance. She had severe injuries to womb, bowel, vagina and bladder.

The attacker was a Freemason and an Elder in the church – Aren’t they always?

The judge let him off as he was a respectable upstanding member of the community being a member of the Masons and an elder in the church. And it was decided she deserved it and brought it on herself.

This is the value and manner of Masons, Always and will ever be. Although connected to the church and insisting every member believes in God, they would be chucked out and into Hell tomorrow by the Almighty who they do not really believe in. Nor do they believe in His Law, or any law.

God does not have to come down in Almighty Power and Thunder. He/It says not following the law will bring its own demise. Thousands of years showed people the “rule.” It was just written into politics, society and financial understanding as a “religion.”

Their reputation, values and practices are well known. They have no skill or ability, just power by association. In a 1934 film, they were correctly described as “mediocre social climbers.” They have further recruited from wideboys and “street” thinking it will give them an edge and modern street cred and ability.

These look for short term gain, and instant sale, without looking to build, create or stabilise. As I said, not business or society building, but “Money Acquisition.” Most modern Masons are just skimming by their bottoms.

I wonder why our towns and social structure collapse and why our national economy has been destroyed? Don’t have a Clue.

Look to your Motto. “Nisi Dominus Vanum”

When the Rev Anderson set up the Masons to follow the structure and morals of Protestant Presbyterianism his brother at the same time helped to create the South Seas investments of which they oversold the shares and destroyed not just all their investors but also all the country.

The wheat shall be sown with the tares.

The Law is Not Made Up. It is not Quantum Physics, or Mythical, or Esoteric. The Law follows the rule.

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