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List of Diary of Original Events, So much since, have not kept up.

Weekend 19-22nd February 2010. Workmen upstairs take bathroom fittings out without properly turning off water and go off for weekend. No one in top flat from mid day Saturday.<br />
Sunday 21st. I notice water coming through ceiling of both lounge and kitchen. Phoned on call property manager. No answer. Left message. No reply. Water increases in amount and persistency. Left more messages. Spoke to property manager who dismissed and ignored me and refused to come out. I felt frightened to try and go against him. However, water persisted so I contacted non emergency services number and got firemen to come out. They gently got themselves into the upstairs flat. Found the problem and switched off the water. I was very frightened of the landlord and property manager’s reaction, even though I had acted in their best interests and the interest of the property and my own and others safety and welfare. The firemen agreed to leave a note explaining and also contact the landlord and tell them themselves. The firemen were also very concerned about the poor management, condition of the property and the lack of adherence to fire regulations. They put in a smoke detector in my flat and said they were going to make a report and refer the property and landlord to the local council housing department to be inspected. I left a message on Roost and the property manager’s phone


Pictures of Flat 023

.<br /> 22nd February 2010<br />
Again contacted and informed property agent. Property manager Mark Youngman and Mr Hanlon came running round. I saw them as they went upstairs to the flat above. I asked them to come and see the damage to my flat when they were done. I knew it was important for the landlord to be able to assess and evaluate the damage and put it back on his contractors or insurance. I knew to leave it would make it worse and cause more damage due to water damage and corrosion and affect on plasterwork and ceiling, as well as electrics which were soaked. Both landlord and property manager Mark Young refused.


Why is my landlord not interested in property damage or disrepair. Why is he not interested even if it is caused by another business, contractor, council workmen or department or accident or nature? Why is he not interested when it is his  property and his investment? It does not make sense. Why spend 100,000s of pounds buying a property. Then let it go to wrack and ruin, disintegrate and allow permanent serious damage to be done to it by serious water damage an flooding that could have been prevented, could have been stopped and which could have been intervened and stopped from becoming worse and damaging the building even more. To the point that after getting it to court after several years he now has to gut many of the flats in it and do extensive outside repair work to rendering and roof. Why is he not interested in inspecting it, getting a surveyor and putting it back on the contractor, workmen, property managers or insurance? Unless he does not have full cover and full building and property insurance. After all, it is all tax deductible at the end of the year. It does not make sense for a true property owner or businessman.


<br />February – April 2010.<br />

Consistently asked for landlord to examine and check flat and get water damage done, check electrics which were tripping several times an hour, and stayed off for up to 4 hours. Also concerned about water damage to ceiling and especially large ornate ceiling “rose” which is over 3and half feet across. Property manager and agency refused. I suggested to property agents Penny that I was going to write a letter direct to Mr Hanlon as it was in his interests. Penny and Oakfield assured me Mr Hanlon would not be interests and any letters that went to them he would not get. Even so I wrote a letter to Mr Hanlon via Oakfield.


Fell down

Fell down

<br />
March 2010<br />
Realised landlord and Oakfield and Property manager were never going to take the water damage seriously and come round to rectify. Searched and found out I can apply to council and council can investigate and be involved in matters of neglectful landlords, disrepair and even abusive landlords. Filled in a form, attached photos and sent to Hastings Council Housing departments at Aquila House, Hastings. They lost it, so put in another and got it signed for. Cannot find the receipt. But you can see that my treatment and communications with housing officers assumes they came round for my concerns and the concerns of the property. This appears not to be the case on their part, and they seem blinkered and negligent. This pattern has been repeated again since. Everytime I have to write out and copy and resubmit is costs. At least £7-10 originally, and more due to copies sent to landlord etc. As documents and photos have grown this recent submission costs a lot. Just £7 for copies of 6 pages of coloured photographs of flat and garden. That does not include the cost of written pages and documents. As this is then needed in double to be sent to landlord. The cost to me each time is several tens of pounds. The overall costs in paperwork and submissions alone is over £100 now. Please end this insistent absurd mockery of my position and distress on my disability. It is only cruelty and cruelty to insist and allow it to continue (written at the time and over the years to try and get council, councillors, law and all right advisers and housing advice bodies involved. To no effect. Nobody helped, all said my landlord could do what he wanted and leave me in the unfit and unsafe position he was keeping me in. Too ill to do much and under threat all the time)


Left in dark for many hours.

Left in dark for many hours.

.<br />
03/04/2010<br />
Oakfield Penny water damage to my flat recognition, compensation and looking for them to make right. No response<br />
Pictures of LOUNGE WATER DAMAGE<br />
Sent from the beginning Feb/March 2010 constantly. No response, ignored.



Many Shocks

Many Shocks



<br />
February – June<br />
Landlord continues to renovate house and upstairs flat. Workmen damage garden working on roof, (see pictures) Again damage denied and ignored. Threatened with possibility of notice of eviction and garden taking off me. I am very distressed. The only way is threat against me with these people.


<br />
Workmen staying and working in upstairs flat abusive when approached. Very bad aggressive language used against me, very sexist and prejudiced about my mental distress. They told me they had been shown my letters to the landlord and Oakfield and instructed to ignore me. That I was a mentally ill woman. They said all that I had put in the letters and denied and mocked every one. They were so abusive I collapsed. I phoned Oakfield who denied it was their problem. They were not responsible for their workmen or their behaviour . Told me it was a police matter and call police. I called police reservedly and apologetically. Who came round and spoke to the workmen and cautioned them. But I had to continue to live like this. Did not want to go out due to accidentally meeting them, and did not want to come home when out. My home was not my home.  I hated going out and accidentally meeting them. My neighbour also felt the same. Intimidated and frightened in our own homes by our own landlord’s workmen. I went out and stayed out all day, sometimes staying out to late and early hours of morning rather than come home. At times I would walk home, come within distance of the house and then feel fear, overwhelming distress and panic. I would start feeling tearful and sick. So I would turn round to go back into town and sit on a bench until early hours when I would come back, hoping I would not meet them.  I either stayed in and did not go out for days or even weeks, or went out and did not come back. My distress and the phobia was recorded in emails and letter I sent to friends asking for help with shopping or some money or support. It paralysed me and I became agoraphobic and sociophobic, and especially with men and gangs of men I would just feel fear. It was a very nasty and abusive place. And that was totally supported and enabled by Mr Hanlon, his property manager and his agents and workmen. Hence my distress at having them anywhere near me. Yet I try and persist


Environmental Health, Housing Renewal Dept, Kevin Boorman, Marie Connolly, Stephen Maguire Richards, Peter Parnell Failed and refused to help in regard to the severe water damage, disrepair and harassment. They kept closing the case everytime I opened it as landlord persuaded them he had carried out the repair. To date, nobody is responsible and nobody did anything wrong. Got another letter today 11/09/13 saying the same.

Environmental Health, Housing Renewal Dept, Kevin Boorman, Marie Connolly, Stephen Maguire Richards, Peter Parnell Failed and refused to help in regard to the severe water damage, disrepair and harassment. They kept closing the case everytime I opened it as landlord persuaded them he had carried out the repair. To date, nobody is responsible and nobody did anything wrong. Got another letter today 11/09/13 saying the same. 🙁

<br />
14/06/2010 letter:<br />
Oakfield Penny damage to my property by their workmen. No response<br />
Pictures Damage to Garden<br />
Sent at beginning in 2010 to both landlord. Oakfield and Housing Officers No response. Except an abusive and threatening one. – “We can always evict you if you have any problems with it, and even if you pay for the repair and work yourself I assure you will never get it back. You will be homeless and we will have all the nice work you have paid for.” “There is one thing worse than being disabled and abuse victim and that is to be a “homeless” disabled and abuse victim.”




<br />06/10/2010<br />
Water starts coming through the ceiling of the bay window. Complaint ignored. I would wait til I heard property manager Mark Youngman visit upstairs flat and then insist he come in. he denied the water, and clear reservoir forming in ceiling. This went on for month. So eventually rain came in in constant running drips and streams across the ceiling. Had to have 5 buckets to collect water that would fill after a few hours when it was constant heavy rain. It would continue after for hours due to the build up of a reservoir in ceiling.

<br />Oakfield – complaint about water coming through bay window area and outside water problems damaging structure. No response. </p>

<p>I got the students up stairs to go and see what the cause might be. They found a rotten sill outside their front room window. This is where the water was coming is. Again rang and told property manager. Property manager denied and ignored. When he came round to see upstairs flat I collared him and made him come in and see water damage, damage to ceiling and many buckets of water. He continued to say he could not see anything. He then said and continued to say how he could threaten me with eviction and how I could make things worse and be on the streets. I chased him outside and upstairs with the words that “While you are threatening me and telling me how I can be evicted and be made homeless, you might as well go upstairs, do something useful and get that rotten sill and leak fixed. He moved quick. He saw  the photo the students had taken and the rotten sill outside. He hurriedly got the workmen in and fixed the hole in the rotten sill. But again, there was no recognition of the damage done to my flat, no checking, inspection as to affect of water on my flat ceiling and large ornate plaster edging. Again, it returned to, “What leak?””What damage?” “Water water damage?”  We can always evict you if you have a problem.”  With the water damage over many months, it had affected the ceiling in the bay window area and the surrounding very thick, 1ft thick ornate victorian coving. I knew it could fall down. I kept telling them how dangerous it was. It was bowing, and eventually fell and I had to ask the handy man Shawn Halsey to take down the unsecured pieces and make the area safe. He checked the central area where the large reservoir area and said he did not even want to stand under it under a ladder, never mind touch it in any way. It stays up but my knowledge of plaster and water damage says it is unsafe.

I remained under an unsafe area, with plaster and ceiling falling down through 2011, under threat and fear. Coving fell down and smashed TV. Answer from Oakfield Penny. “We will not replace or reimburse the TV or the damage.” When I said I could go through a small claims, Penny said “You could do that Miss Knight, but you would find it difficult finding somewhere to plug the TV in once you are homesless and on the streets…” the maliciousness was clear. And all council, councilors and housing, disability and rights advisers said I had no rights. Only to make myself homeless, destitute and leave all my belongings in order to be safe from an abusive landlord and unsafe property. I did not think that was the safer option.


This is the picture my landlord and his property agents Oakfield Property painted for me if I tried to continue raising complaints and disrepair and harassment. How can Hastings Council or any rights or housing advice centre expect or accept me having to live like this? They knew I was serious PTSD due to violence and sexual assault and they played my fears on my brain to perfection.

This is the picture my landlord and his property agents Oakfield Property painted for me if I tried to continue raising complaints and disrepair and harassment. How can Hastings Council or any rights or housing advice centre expect or accept me having to live like this? They knew I was serious PTSD due to violence and sexual assault and they played my fears on my brain to perfection.

<br />
February – November 2010<br />
I am in constant communication with oakfield, landlord and housing officers. 2 housing officers came round in spring to assess property and damage. Never made any inspection. Just judged at a distance the water damage and ceiling cracks and decided it was “historical” damage even though I had decorated the flat and ceiling twice myself and that the reason they were round was due to the water damage in February. No interest or concern in the damage and dangerous electrics. Said they would have a word with landlord about ceiling and electrics. They never did and left me like this. In November, I again got through and spoke to Stephen Maguire-Richards, again emphasised the damage to ceiling, water coming through bay window, electrics still going off and cutting out many times a day and several times over a few hours. (see communication to Councillor Matthew Locke. Who also ignored, avoided and did nothing. He too has no evidence of anything he did. Because he did not do anything. I asked again this year. He had failed to do anything at the time)



<br />November; Housing officer Mr Maguire- Richards made aware by myself of no work or improvement ordered my landlord only to do the fire regulation work. They built a huge 3.5 x 3.5 meter square box from floor to ceiling. It cut into the period ornate plaster and ruing 150 years of Victorian period architecture. It is a hazard as the doors in it open contrary to each other. So doors would bang into each other and you have to open, get round and close one door to be able to open another. The now 3 doors between me and my flat front door mean I do not hear anyone knocking or wanting to get in, or even the doorbell. The box has no light in it and is in total darkness once all doors are closed. A fireman friend told me it hinders firemen as they cannot see or find occupants or injured passed out victims in any of the rooms as the firemen cannot see past the doors and walls of box. Also if you rescued a person and had to carry or drag them out you could not do it through the conflicting door system. In addition, the box has narrowed the doorways and I cannot get out my furniture, or have the pleasure of using or disposing it as I wish. I am told by both landlord and housing officers I am not due any respect or compensation. Also it has remained as it is, a huge plastered box with no help or compensation for me decorating and re-decorating the flat. The interior of the flat is my responsibility and both landlord and housing officers have destroyed what I have done and paid for with no compensation. </p>
<p>When the lobby was built I was so distressed I had hypertension, pains in my chest and high blood pressure. I have passed out, heart stopped and had mini strokes. So had to go to hospital that day, to be discharged to my unhappy destroyed flat and home later.

<p>As I was so bad I made video tapes of the time, in case through ill health or despair I was not longer here, but the evidence was. </p>
<p>22.11.10 Letter to Brighton Housing Trust</p>
<p>I contacted BHT again this year. They again have not provided any support or advocacy and again still did not return phonecalls or emails despite promises. I had to chase them up to find they had not done anything or even read my information.

<p>Told they could not help due to my high distress.  Of course I am distressed. What do you expect? Extreme distress in an extreme position. Catch 22. I had no rights or advocacy. Went to several law firms and solicitors. Again the same. No support for distressed unhappy people under threat and damaged property by landlords. Made homemade video of my distress after this.<br />

January – Present 2012<br />
I have tried to find support and advocacy. To no avail. I contacted local solicitors, accessed my proof of income so many times. No legal aid. Went through Community Legal Advice Line. Referred to Ty Arian who did nothing, but contacted and made agreements without my involvement or say so. Did not give me advise. Lost proof of income. Did not know what a Fast Track or a Small Claims process was. Did not know basics. Dragged out communication with them over 4 months. Still had not done anything. Found they were not a proper law firm and not registered at either SRA or Law Society or Legal Ombudsman. There is no one they are accountable too. Also took the legal aid money, but prevented me from finding any further legal help as they had already taken the legal aid money. That is why I am having to do this on my own. From top to bottom the system is a mess. And people taking and accessing money without doing the job and sorting out people’s rights and needs

.<br />
Tried again to get Brighton Housing Trust involved. Despite arranging appointment, explaining several times and asked to send in details and letters. I got nothing back. They ignored my instruction and acted as if it was a request from beginning. No action of promise of action or representation. Just another extended process. Was referred to others and in one day went round 9 different advice bodies. 5 I had never heard of before. None could help. I was not within anyone’s remit, or their capability. I hope who ever reads this understands the distress and frustration of this. Also contacted my councillor Andy Batsford who also despite promises did not turn up or return phonecalls.

<br />
01/03/2011<br />
Mr Stephen Maguire-Richards<br />
Housing Officer asking him to intervene in matter of disrepair and damage. Letter ignored. No response. I found it was filed without any action.

<br />
YEAR 2011 I was very ill and totally incapacitated with it all. Could not cope with anything. Yet despite this managed to chase up my landlord in regard to withheld overpaid rent. I actually met Mr Hanlon on the stairs several times, again when he went to see the students and asked him to come in and see the damage. And help getting the overpaid rent back. He refused on all occasions. And even denied that he was the landlord. I knew he was because of his distinctive “sandy haired” appearance and public schoolboy manner. But there was nothing I could do about it. I really was too ill to keep trying and every attempt just left me shaking and ill.

<br />
January 2012.<br />
I had slowly regained recovery and looked at still existing mess and ceiling, lobby and unpainted and undecorated flat. I contacted Hastings Council to find out what they had done and how far it was up to sorting out my flat. I as informed that the Hastings Council Housing department had closed the case without checking as landlord had assured them that he had done all the work on my flat and all the disrepair. They had done this without checking or visiting. I told them he had not and it stayed in the exact same disrepair. They told me I had to submit a new complaint and it would be taken from the beginning again

.<br />
31st January 2012<br />
Letter accompanying resubmitted request to Hastings Housing Officers after I found they had closed the case without checking work and accepting landlord’s word that he had done all the work and made my place safe. They lost the resubmission and I had to resubmit it again. This time I insisted on a receipt. Both applications came accompanied with documentation and pictures which cost nearly £10 each to copy.

<br />
Pictures of Flat 02.02.2012<br />
Sent to housing accompanying letter which they lost. Had to print again. Very expensive. Landlord had these as the plumber took pictures and told him as had other people.

<br />
February – March<br />
Workmen started. No explanation given or warning. Explained it was for fire prevention work. I raised the un-finished work and the un-finished lobby that was built and no compensation and redecorating. I was told that there was no work going to be done on my disrepair, or the dangerous ceiling or electrics. It was not needed and I was refused. So I said that no workmen and no further work would be done until they finished and rectified the work and damage done so far. I also questioned their idea of what they were doing and planning to do. Such as put a heat alarm in my kitchen when I already know several people who have not been able to have a hot meal for years and never been able to cook because the council put fire alarms, smoke alarms and heat detectors in their kitchens. Mr Monty Modlinger has not been able to have a hot meal or cook in his kitchen for over 6 years. This is a basic right that is being refused by selfish, blinkered council officers. I expect the right to be able to cook and make a meal. That right has not been assured or supported by the Hastings Council Housing Officers. So I refuse. No involvement or discussion was made with tenants who have to live with these innovations, which is contrary to the guidelines of government housing officers. So there was and still is a stand off until they correct and rectify the damage done so far and recognise my years of living like this and give true recognition. So far they have just done as much as possible to cover it up and deny it.<br />
Appeal to Local Government Ombudsman

<br />
As Hastings Council had failed to act and help my landlord/tenancy disrepair and abuse problem, had neglected it and taken so much time just to close it. Then asked me to resubmit it, even though I had been living in an unfit and dangerous place all the time I made a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman. I was still quite bad and they helped fill in the complaint and sent it to me to sign and return. This I did and I also asked and insisted on only a female officer and not to be presented with a band or group of males. Given my experience and history, and use and misuse of my vulnerability I was not going through that again and felt unsafe being with males, unknown males and a large group of males. And had no confidence in the officers they had sent before. Mr Maguire-Richards and Mr Purnell.

<br />
Monday 26th March 2012 – 9.15am<br />
Marie Connolly (Housing Officer )rings 9.15am to introduce herself, confirms that I need a female officer visiting and arranges visit on coming Thursday 29th March 2012. It is clear I need an independent objective person to take down the facts and history of my case, and needed to feel free to do that alone. No mention was made of anyone else with her.<br />
Same Monday 26th March 2012 – 10.30 approx<br />
Loud knock on the door as I was in the kitchen partly dressed with only a top on as filling washing machine and making cup of tea. I was still easily distracted and not aware if caught unawares and asked to answer the door.</p>
<p>Both Mr Maguire Richards who I had made the complaint about as housing officer who had failed, and my landlord Mr Hanlon stood outside the door with two of their workmen. They insisted and demanded entry. I said no, as I was on my own. They were both people I had a complaint against that was being investigated. I had no representative, I had not been given notice. It became very aggressive. Landlord and Mr Maguire-Richards threatening me as to what they could do and “force”. The workmen were allowed to stand there and watch me and I realised later could see up my short top. I told Mr Maguire Richards and Mr Hanlon that they were upsetting me. That due to my experience with them, my distress at males and all male parties this was not wise. I told them that they had made me ill before and this was not wise. I asked Mr Hanlon to ask his workmen to move as it was 4 males against one female, vulnerable disabled. He said the workmen could stand were they liked. It was terrible and I became upset. I mentioned the arranged visit by Marie Connolley in Thursday and only female visitors. Both Mr Maguire Richards and Mr Hanlon said they knew about the arrangements as Mr Maguire Richards was in the office that morning and heard the call Ms Connelly made too me. Mr Maguire-Richards and Mr Hanlon said that that did not matter. They could still insist on coming in and seeing me on my own as male only party and as those I had a complaint about. Mr Hanlon said he would be in the visit with Ms Connelly on Thursday. I became quite distressed and said they were making me distressed. I feel I held my own, but was shaking at the end. But they left. Later the workmen made several personal comments too me and their opinion. I said it was none of their business and I was not open to their comments.


<br />
Tuesday 27th March 2012:<br />
GP and Adult Social Services phoned me to say my landlord had made a referral to them suggesting I was mad and for me to be assessed under the Mental Health Act. I had to visit GP and speak to Adult Social Services and explain the situation, and that it was a tenancy/landlord harassment and disrepair issue. They understood and accepted I did not need help and that it was an inappropriate and possibly malicious referral.

<br />
29th March. I had to confirm and insist it was only Marie Connolley visiting. I was surprised when I found that without telling me she was planning to come with Mr Hanlon. How can I discuss the disrepair and the harassment and abuse with the very man who has caused it in the room? It was supposed to give me an opportunity to be free to speak. Ms Connolley planned to act contrary to my rights and in conflict of interests. I told her so in my final letter to her.<br />
I was accompanies by my Home Help and Monty Modlinger. At first I was confident it would be a proper investigation and assessment. But it was not. Marie Connolley kept denying and disregarding the damage, the extent of the damage. It was not important the extensive water damage, it was not important that I had suffered electric shocks and cut outs for over 2 years. It was not important that large amounts of plaster had fallen down and put me in a dangerous position for so longs. I found it strange how it was not important that I had lived like this. She undermined my rights as a tenant and abdicated her position to stand up for them and advocate for my rights and interests, not my landlords, or the housing officers omissions and failures. It was when I was talking about the damage to the garden and Ms Connolley then repeated Mr Hanlon’s postion that it was a communal garden (contrary to history and practice) and said in that case he can do anything he likes, including damage and smash my things that I decided to shut up and felt I could not trust her as she was obviously on a damage limitation exercise, an denying the damage and abuse, and denying my rights s a tenant to live in a peaceful home without threat or intimidation and safety

.<br />
The relationship between me and the council and me and the landlord and both their need to deny it and cover up, and come in and remedy their failure continued throughout the rest of this year. Both landlord and council refused their responsibility and denied their accountability. I remained alone, no advocate despite all efforts and landlord and council more than determined to use threat and intimidation against me, and graphic accounts of what can happen to me and reinforcement of fire deaths and accidents even though my mother was in one and I suffered and witnessed it. They really are without any intelligence or compassion or sensitivity. They got me into great distress with their threats and failure

.<br />
29th March 2012<br />
Letter to Mr Hanlon about inappropriateness of his visit with Mr Maguire Richards, a reminder of our history so far, and again an appeal for him to make good, get an independent surveyor in and proper assessment, repair and compensation.<br />
No response<br />
Only response was a letter with certificate telling me my tenancy deposit had been registered with a Tenancy Deposit Scheme and my end of tenancy was planned for July this year. The tenancy deposit should have been paid in when Hanlon took over the property. He acted illegally by withholding it. It was plain his only response was to evict me and make sure he could evict me. Which he could not without registering my deposit. Housing were aware of this, yet did nothing but continue to work with Mr Hanlon.<br />
Letter from Landlord and Property manager with Tenancy Deposit Certificate attached. Asking me to sign the agreement that I understand it being deposited.

<br />
I rang Tenancy Deposit Scheme to find out. I was informed landlord should legally have registered 14 days after he took over the property in 2007. He had withheld it until now, but could not legally evict me unless he had registered it. It was clear the only response from my landlord was to further harass me and use his threat of eviction. He had no intention of making good.

<br />
Monday 17th April 2012<br />
Letter sent to Mark Preston<br />
Housing Renewal Manager Request for copy of original housing officer worksheet and order for work ordered on my home back in 2010. Nothing was agreed or discussed with me. Although verbally they said they would attend to electrics, damage to décor and ceiling. Also request for their department’s code of conduct and rules of policy and procedure<br />
Mr Mark Preston. So far have not received one. They have admitted no inspection or assessment or report was ever made. Hastings Borough Council admit they never tool on board the damage to my flat or my distress or their failure and neglect. And yet, in their internal investigation found themselves to be of no fault.<br />
My complaint has now gone up to LGO to be more thoroughly investigated.<br />
April – Present<br />
Failure to address their failure in disrepair continues. Despite my vulnerability and the illness ad distress caused by both landlord and council so far they both insist on threats and menaces, and always make sure their letters arrive at the weekend so I just get very distressed and worried. Due to the harassment and abuse there was no way I was going to let them in on my own and be left with them alone. I ended up having a PTSD fit, where my neighbours thought I was being attacked or murdered and called the police. I did not realise I had gone into a PTSD fit and was surprised when police turned up. I had not had one of those for quite some months, and was angry at being made so ill I was again returning. Council and landlord insisted on threat language. I told them how distressed it was making me. They decided to again call my GP, Social Services and arranged a unannounced visit by a band of 5 people to mentally assess me for forced admission to hospital. This was an incredible misuse of power and denial that their actions had caused my distress in the first place.<br />
June. I put in my Fast Track Claim. I find out Hastings Council should have completed the internal enquiry by now. Pressure and distress continue. I am again referred to Mental Health Assessment and the attempt to undermine my case by misusing the distress they are causing and undermine my reliability as a witness and person.<br />
June 29th – Surprise Mental Health Assessment<br />
Got a loud knock on the door. Opened it to find 5 people there. A Senior Social Worker, 2 Psychiatrists and 2 police officers. They insisted on coming in even though I was on my own and no one with me. They then cross examined my for over 2 hours. And asked very personal questions, including sex and rape, and did not think the extensive disrepair, water damage, falling ceiling and harassment and threat by landlord and Hastings council was a problem. They offered no help with the flat and disrepair. Just medication and hospitalisation. This would undermine my case and my ability to address and challenge. Its was awful, but I managed it. I know the system as used to take part in these things myself. I know the disasters these teams of imposing professionals can have on a person’s life and they undermine and destroy real issues and concerns while prescribing medication and reiki therapy or drop in art classes. No help with landlord offered. And I also know they had 3 successful suicides recently due to their appalling standards and neglect. Got through. But this is an example how the system and my distress has been misused against me.

<br />
I now have no confidence in my GP. Due to landlord and housing officers calling her twice to misuse mental health referral to get them out of their liability and responsibility. the relationship and trust between me and my GP is totally ruined. I now have no GP. And I really have lost all faith.<br />
TODAY<br />
Waiting going through LGO investigation on Hastings Council Housing Officers. Going through the Court Claim process totally on my own. I ask again. I believe that all this could be proven and brought to a correct end and decision by an independent surveyor coming in and assessing the damage and disrepair. I ask that the Court appoint and Independent Surveyor to assess the damage and property and feed back to the court.</p>
<p>I regard to the harassment and abuse I think the history of events and communications, lack and failure to respond and the subsequent actions of my landlord and housing officers would bring them both into question when knowing they were dealing with a vulnerable female who was a victim of male abuse and sexual abuse, and had been left in an unfit and unsafe property for so long on account of their actions.</p>
<p>Yours sincerely<br />

Written and sent in with case and claim over and over again. 2012. IGNORED. Much more since.

<p>Further damage…….</p> Some people “See No Ships!!” Some people do not even see the bloody water…

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