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Rudeness and Abuse

Rudeness and Abuse

Couple crushed by Oakfield clashes  

(Published 18/09/09 in Hastings Observer)

A young caterer says her dream move to a new home became “a nightmare” after a series of clashes with the estate agents ended with her being evicted.

Julie Sellens, 21, and her partner Ryan Madigan were delighted when they moved into the flat in the Valley View development off Harold Road three months ago.

But Miss Sellens claims when she reported a catalogue of problems to the rental agents she was branded a troublemaker by staff at Oakfield Property and given an eviction notice shortly after attending a residents’ meeting.

Another tenant who was asked to leave has also spoken out, saying the experience made life a misery for him and his young family.

Oakfield Property has categorically denied all the allegations, saying that other tenants among the flats it manages in the development were happy.

Director Neil Newstead insisted: “We are responsible for 25 flats in total at Valley View.

“They are brand new and theer were minimal problems when poeple moved in. All are now resolved and all other tenants are happy.”

Picture4But Miss Sellens said: “I remember going in grinning my little head off when we first decided to get a flat together. But from day one Oakfield have been so unprofessional and so rude.”

She says the lift was constantly breaking down, the shower leaked and after they first moved in the couple had to wait two weeks for the washing machine to be fixed.

“It has all been so distressing and it’s been one thing after another.

“Ryan’s grandmother, who is in a wheelchair, came down from Essex to see the flat and got stuck here because the lift was broken again. Ryan and his dad had to carry her down the stairs.

“I recently took on the role of catering manager at work and trying to juggle all the new demands with all this has been so upsetting. The phrase nervous breakdown springs to mind.”

Julie went along to a residents’ meeting and claims shortly afterwards she got a call from Oakfield accusing her of stirring up trouble. Days later they were told they would have to leave the flat. She and Ryan have now moved out and are moving back in with his parents.

Picture3Another tenant, who cannot be named because of his job, said: “They were as nice as pie until they got our deposit and since then they have been a nightmare.

“Part of our kitchen ceiling caved in, we have had leaks and the lift gets stuck outside where our bedroom is. It made our lives a misery.

“The main thing with Oakfield is their attitude. We rang up about the broken TV aerial and were told we should be taking the kids out for the day. We have been sworn at and told to get over it.

“It will cost us 600 to move out after paying 800 to move in just four months ago. I am in the army and my wife works with children with disabilities so we don’t have all that much money. I am absolutely fuming.”

But Oaffield director Mr newstead said: said: “There was a problem with the lift which was caused by a number of tenants using it to move furniture.

“There were a few other maintenance issues but these were reported and dealt with.

“There were times when calls have been terminated because of the language used by tenants but in terms of my staff being rude or insulting, no, never.

“A couple of tenants have been given notice but certainly not because they held a residents’ meeting.”

Have you ever had a similar experience with estate agents? Has a dream move ever turned into a nightmare? Leave your comments below.


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