Hanlon & Business Don’t Pay. Wont Pay. Can’t Pay. Employees, Contractors, Legal Requirements or Liquidation Costs

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PH 3Bad Landlords do not just take tenant’s money without giving good adequate  accommodation and fail to respond to disrepair, even that which is dangerous and potentially fatal. They also, do not pay employees, contractors, essential legal obligations and services, and certainly cannot pay their liquidation fees for when their multi-property, serial entrepreneur multi-business lifestyle.

It seems that the Hanlons, have a problem “paying.”

They also have not paid their bill at the contract carpet firm who services their businesses. But they still like spending and doing deals, which is incredible.  Did they really take part in the recent Duke of York visit to Hastings to Working Rite, about local building and property firms taking on and mentoring young people to learn the trade and skills. Good Luck Young People.

Roost Group – Hanlon’s Property business went into liquidation following Incorporate Insolvency. How a property business with over 400 properties throughout the South East goes into liquidation I do not know?  But as Daniel Hanlon said they never kept any documentation or records in regard to any of the buildings, the disrepair, insurance or contracts I am not surprised. How any property business can truthful say it never kept any documentation on any of its properties, when every common man who owns a house or even rents a house keeps all documentation to do with the property in a draw, file or box to keep straight, I do not know?  Seems a mystery to me or plain stupidity.

Also Synergy Group is also liquidated due to Corporate Insolvency and some strange transactions and inability to account for missing money.  With a regular 33-35million pound contracts from public services and government contracts it is difficult to understand why it went wrong and why it all went missing.

download (44)Good thing James Caan picked it up.

But again Hanlon and sidekick Kieran Ryan seemed so desperate for money, they took Caan to court to try and claim 5.million off him, even though he was doing them a favour by taking the ailing, bankrupt, insolvent, liquidating company off them.

2 wide boys did not see another expert wide boy and serial entrepreneur coming. Who picked upon their problem and decided to help them, and help himself. Its called BUSINESS.  There is a feeling of Karma. 

There was no settlement out of court. There was no need. Patrick Hanlon was wrong and was entitled to nothing.

But still, despite a huge portfolio of properties, still many companies at Companies House with their names on them as Company Directors Hanlon & Hanlon cannot pay their bills or the basic wages of their poorly paid workers.

A taxi driver says how his sons who are professional trades people have not been paid for years over £4000 for work they did on Hanlon’s houses. Hanlons are so terrible and air heads that they forgot and recently went to them and asked them to do some more work on some more houses. They were told to get lost and go swing until they paid up on the jobs still not paid for.

It takes a lot of time and effort for anyone, even trade and businesses to take a claim through court, Often it costs more than the actual claim and money owed. That is why many do not do it, and have to let it go. That is why so many crooks and bad businesses get away with it. The impossibility of the British legal system for anyone to take a claim to court, even when it is clearly money owed.

Hanlons also recently sacked several workers. Did not and could not afford to pay another contractor. Who had to provide for his family and a move on borrowed money.

Even recently, they did not pay and respect workers who go in on an hourly or daily basis. There is always a fumbling and some lame excuse that the money is back at the office, They came out in a rush. Admit, not enough money in the kitty. And just keep saying “tomorrow” “next week” in a “couple of days time”  or workers and employees have only half their wages paid at the end of the month.

Can anyone question that they are not dodgy, questionable, unsafe, insolvent businessmen and a total liability to all who come near them and touch them.

Still, Patrick Hanlon starts again.

Another 3 companies resurrected or created a few days after the liquidation of Roost Group and Synergy Group.

IProperty Solutions. (Not quite sure what property and what solutions he is going to come up with)

Charterhouse Asset Management Ltd – Not sure what that is about. Good title, Instant credibility. Just throw the old Charterhouse name about.

IPeople Ltd and ActionFirst – a Recruitment Agency focusing on health and social care positions. What he knows about health and social care work and positions is Zilch. And the company website shows it. And registered again and working from the same address as Insurance Synergy. A ground floor backwater in Valence House. Within the city, just under the Gherkin. Amazing what they can fit into this tiny office. So many major companies and all internationally known and viable. Except on paper and except at Companies House. All not making enough to be able to declare themselves exempt from outside, independent external auditing. Hmm? Successful, but no successful?



He is a bloody marvel. He should be in Marvel Comics. Captain Marvel. He is Unbelievable.




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