Auction Recession Antics: Hanlons Put Up and Then Buy Own Property Back at Auction

On March 3, 2014 by admin

auction propertyIt has been said that Hanlons have curious habits. They take years developing a property with no tenants in and a complete void for several years. They ommitt and avoid essential repairs in other properties causing damage to the house and further costs to them. Yet cannot let go.

I have been told that about 5 years ago, probably in the crisis the Hanlons were in trouble like many.

They had to put up several of their properties up for auction.

auction prop2Yet, bought 2 of their properties back at the very auctions they were set up to sell them to make some profit and make a saving.

If in dire straights, and no funds where do they get the money to buy the properties they themselves are putting up for auction.

Curious, Concerned, Strange.

Xxx Admin

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