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A Day After the Court Case Management Meeting in April 2015  in London Rd, St Leonards on Sea. It is broad daylight, around mid-day.

A THUG, A DRUG DEALER AND A PROPERTY LANDLORD followed the young girl with the  baby in a pram up the road.

DayLight, Main Public Street, London Rd, St Leonards on Sea. Sussex

DayLight, Main Public Street, London Rd, St Leonards on Sea. Sussex

The Thug followed her from behind, the Drug Dealer caught up with her at the side. The Property Rogue Landlord got in front of her and blocked her way. She tried to avoid and get round. The Thug backed her up against the railings, the Drug Dealer screamed in her face, the Property Landlord jabbed his finger aggressively. in her face. The Thug called her a Bitch. The Drug Dealer called her a “Stupid F**king C**T.” The  Property Landlord showed her what he could do, and kicked the bottom of the pram with her baby in it. Knowing he was in broad daylight, knowing he was in full view of everyone else on the street. A main street in St Leonads on Sea. The main street in St Leonards on Sea. London Rd, full of shoppers and shops. The pram jumped, the baby let out a shriek and started to cry.

The mum got round the Thug, the Drug Dealer and the Landlord and started to walk very quickly up the street, head down. walking as quickly as possible. The Thug, the Drug Dealer and the Property Landlord just stood in her way screaming and shouting and saying what they could do and would do to her and her baby. Everyone starred, nobody intervened. Big and thuggish, well built with street cred scars, urban warrior tattoos and a shaved and sculptured close mohican look. Thick and thuggish. He knew he could do what he wanted. A few raised their voices. “Oi! Leave her alone.” He looked at them and snarled. made it quite clear he would remember their faces, find out their names and make sure they would never interfer again.  They backed off, as they knew that he would.  They knew he could do anything, and get away with it.

A little old woman in her late 80s frail and with a walking stick and shopping trolley tried to appeal to him. He just snarled. Called her a lot of wicked abusive foul words. Said how much he was sick of useless worthless “coffin dodgers” and did she not just “Fuck Off and Die?” The old lady noticed nobody stood up to him, helped her or came to her rescue, She was too frail, weak and exhausted, She knew it and sadly put her cane to the ground and went on her way.

The young woman had meantime taken advantage of the situation and got away, shooting up the road as quickly as she could and  went round the corner of the local big parish church.

Around the corner, against the church wall.

Around the corner, against the church wall.

She hurried to get away. Hurried to get home. The Thug, the Drug Dealer and the Landlord shot off after her. He got round the corner. He got her up against the church wall, finger in face, angry snarling face up to her face turned away and down avoiding eye contact and he continued threatening, intimidating and screaming at her, kicking the pram and making it obvious his threats would include her baby.

The Thug, the Drug Dealer and the Property Landlord are all one person, all one man. Untouchable. No one will go near him, stop him, challenge him and the police turn a blind eye, and say it is not a police matter. It is a civil, landlord/tenant matter. It is domestic or female abuse, therefore it is a civil matter, not a police matter. Even if there is violence and criminal, gang culture, police say this is now a “cultural matter” not a police or criminal matter any more. I was told by police when reporting an open battle down the main street in Hastings. Queens Rd by criminal gangs and rival thugs with knives, razors and guns “What do you expect us to do about it?” “Shit Happens” and “This is British Culture Now. Have to get used to it. It is a Cultural Matter, not a criminal matter.”

The Thug, the Drug Dealer and The Property Landlord Are All One Man.

The Thug, the Drug Dealer and The Property Landlord Are All One Man.

Thugs and criminals are taking over our towns and openly turning them into places of intimidation, thuggery and no go lawless areas.

The Thugs start as young kids, bullying, thuggery and mugging and get away with it. Sometimes they get caught, get sent to youth projects or behaviour and Borstal type units where they just get tougher, wiser, cleverer. They develop their own longer wider network. They then get into dealing with drugs and prostituting their girlfriends. They get better, make money and do not know what to do with it. They are then advised to go into property and put their money there. They do so, but continue their heavy thug, gang, criminal lifestyle, but this time as respected and monied property owners and landlords. Drugs and special sex services are provided to whoever needs them or asks for them. With money, sex and power they are untouchable.  This is the way 21st Century England is and this is the way we live. It is said that nothing happens along the South East coast and towns which does not go through the organised criminal networks. It started in Essex when organised crime got into property. Made themselves legitimate and worked into close relations and networking with councils, local businessmen and influential circles. Money and property is most important, not people or civilisation or living in a safe community or town. Property is King, Money is Ultimate and Power is All. Whoever owns it, has it, and Property is King in our Britain.


What can I do?  I have been battling the abuse of a nasty rogue landlord and his network for nearly 10 years now. And with no rights, no rights to safety and no rights as a female or vulnerable disabled from intimidation, threats and abuse of the most extreme kind. Property and Money is King no matter where it comes from, Nobody cares. No one will help and everyone says Landlords, Thugs and Drug Culture can do what they want.

“This is British Culture Now.”

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