A Hanlon and Oakfield Elderly Tenant Left without Heating During Cold Spell which saw over 31,000 Old People Die of Cold Related Diseases

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No Heating Over Christmas and New Year

No Heating Over Christmas and New Year


During this time, my landlords Daniel and Patrick Hanlon continued to cut off my elderly neighbour from any heating. Despite my getting it to court, and the landlords running around trying to cover up the disrepair to the house, my elderly neighbour was still without heating, hot water due to not having a working boiler.

She had done without a working boiler for some years. Oakfield Property management and the landlords Hanlon had ignored her correspondence and pleas. Again it tended to get so nasty, she gave up.

However, a new boiler was out in. Only thing was it was not going to be connected until after Christmas and New Year and way into January and February.

The fitter left 2 days before Christmas Day, and said it would not be completed til the New Year.  There was complete nonchalance and disregard that my elderly neighbour would once again be without any heating for the whole of the Christmas and New Year.  It did not get completed til February.

During January 2013 it was the greatest peak for elderly people dying from cold. 31,000 people died of cold related illnesses between Christmas 2012 and March 2013. My elderly neighbour had to do without heating or hot water, and now the ability to have a hot meal -due to the fire alarm system – in the coldest period, with the highest mortality of deaths.

There can be nothing more disgraceful, than the tacit disregard for the elderly and frail from this generation of “I don’t care.” “Not my problem.”  “Sh*t Happens” generation.

It is nothing more than elder abuse and deliberate neglect and passive geriatricide.

Not surprising that he cut her off from any heating and hot water for several years that she again would not have any heating or hot water over the Christmas and New Year. just because he can do.

No thought, Just Neglect and Abuse and taking money for rent while providing accommodation NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE and putting pressure on all tenants not to be able to enjoy their Christmas, while they enjoyed theirs.

My Christmas was canclled, Because I had to use all my money and DLA for the Court Direction and solicitors work. I had to cancel my support worker and had no Christmas. I usually keep it quiet and put together a little something on my own. Last Christmas I had none.

Fell down

Fell down

To cut off an elderly person’s heating during one of the worse Winters in history where 31,000+ people died of cold related diseases is a disgrace and a shame, But nothing outside the callousness of Oakfield Property and  P.A Hanlon & D.A. Hanlon. Boy and Brother Property Dealers and Developers of Roost, now liquidated.

Deaths linked to freezing temperatures soared by 30% to 31,000 last winter: 3,000 more staff hired to prevent a repeat this year 

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