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This is Where We are Going and Rogue Landlords and Bad Property Managers are Happy to Help It.

This is Where We are Going and Rogue Landlords and Bad Property Managers are Happy to Help It. There is No Pity, Where There is Profit.


This is the sick heartbreaking reality of today when an 80 plus year old gentleman has been evicted by his landlord because he could not pay his rent with no help what so ever. He has been let down by this tyrannical government thrown on the street and left to die. He was found by one homeless person who gave their hot meal and blankets to this now homeless 80 plus year old gentleman who has been thrown out on to the streets with nothing but his shirt on his back and left to die. Has lost everything he owned and probably fought for. You know something this recking sick depraved government has got to go. THIS HAS TO STOP NOW.

So Cameron this is how you treat the elderly, would you sell out you mother or father, have them forced into extreme poverty, starving, with no money for the basics of human necessities to live. You make me sick with anger how another human being can do this to an elderly person, or anyone is beyond all reasoning. What would your ancestors think of you know and your parents.

You are inhumane, unjust, barbaric, you are not fit for being a prime minister,  instead you have become the devil incarnate, but we the people see through Satan’s dealings and we will take you and your cronies down. For the systematic persecution of the people in this country that you have committed in the ethnic cleansing, slavery on mass and genocide in the name of Austerity. Your day will come and not soon enough, when you and your evil cronies will have to stand before the LORD in judgement, in account for theses barbaric crimes against your fellow man and HUMANITY :(

This original article below was written by Simon Farrow (The Peoples Picnic) Who do excellent work for the homeless and vulnerable bless you and thank for all you hard work. Keep up the good work. 

Bless you and thank you Simon for writing the article to be shared which needed to be shared I haven’t stopped crying as my heart called out for this poor guy being treated in this barbaric way, being an ex-carer on ward for many years in the NHS caring and looking after people. Never in all my years in the caring Profession have I come across this, in this day and age the 21st Century which is despicable and unacceptable. I have written your response to post as quoted by your kind self and stand in Solidarity with you and you you do. 

I will be checking in with Simon for any further updates…

We as a Nation together should stand to together against Austerity and be ready to help others who need our help. And as neighbours to our elderly, poor, sick, disabled and vulnerable this can happen to anyone young or old, and is happening each and every day as 70 sick, disabled, unemployed and homeless are pushed into dire poverty and onto the streets or suicide. But when it comes to ours “Elders” this has got to be stopped now.

Original Article written by Simon Farrow 23/11/2013.

So fucking angry right now!!! As some of you may know I spare some of my time on a Tuesday to help out a good cause The peoples Picnic who provide a warm meal for those who are homeless or in need all out of their own pockets and some donations of food. Well over the weeks I have seen a mixture of people turn up for support, yes some have drink, drug and mental health issues, but for many they are purely a victim of circumstance. There have been mothers turn up because they can’t afford to put a hot meal on the table, and more and more lately I have been seeing old people turn up, some are homeless, some of them have homes but have old school ethics and pay their extortionate bills before buying themselves food!! What the fuck is this country / government coming to when tonight I see a man well into his 80?s, homeless because he is a victim of rising rent prices which the council wouldn’t meet, and so got behind and has been evicted onto the street by unscrupulous landlords [who for doing that should be named and shamed] , he was found by another homeless person scavenging through bins for food, with nothing but the close on his back, soaked to the bone, not even a coat..This poor man was so skinny and frail he really looked on deaths door. One of the other homeless people gave up their hot meal so he could have it, and offered to share their doorstep and blankets with him!!! Why is this government not looking after its own first before the needs of foreign refugee’s and victims of natural disasters in foreign countries, yes I feel sorry for these peoples plights, but surely it must be a case of looking after our own first!! This man probably fought in the war for this country, and here he is discarded by society and swept under the mat!!! Something really needs to be done…but what? please share this post so people can see what is going on right under their noses in their own backyards.

By Simon Farrow (The People’s Picnic) 23/11/2013 


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